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I’m Convinced – Castro is Justin Trudeau’s Father

His mother, Margaret, is a whore (sorry, it’s well known she slept around) and the timeline fits for when she was smitten with Castro.

The kicker is when you swap out Castro’s face and put in Trudeau’s the picture doesn’t change an iota.


See this video—>

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  1. When you posted the pictures a couple of days ago, I was amazed at how Trudeau looks like Castro. He looks nothing like Pierre. And this post pretty much sums it up. He really must be the son of Castro. Surely he knows it.

  2. Ibbi da. A Castro Doppelgänger if ever there was one. He also reminds me a little of Latka Gravas. Justin and Fidel look exactly alike.

  3. Chelsea Hubbell, Danney Williams and Justin Castro need to go on the ‘Maury’ show for paternity tests. If liberal women weren’t such skanks, the parentage of their children wouldn’t be in question.

  4. So what is it about these bastard whoresons (Obola and Trudeau) that turns ’em socialist? Couldn’t they grow up to be drunks, or some other harmless kind of retard?

    izlamo delenda est …

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