I’m Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

This is a meme that’s been circulating on Facebook –

The memorial is actually in tribute to Robert Gould Shaw, the colonel depicted by Matthew Broderick in the movie Glory. It also pays tribute to his regiment, the 54th Massachusetts. Yes, they were all black.

The memorial was, hilariously, defaced by BLM, rendering them complete imbeciles.

Enter the fact-checker “Truth or Fiction.”

Their conclusion illustrates just how far the left is willing to go to control the narrative. They’ve determined that it is impossible to lay the blame on BLM because the weekend the memorial was defaced there was a counter-protest by the “Straight Pride Parade,” ostensibly a right-wing faction.

If you look at the graffiti it clearly reads “George Floyd” and “ACAB” (all cops are bastards.)

Yep, they’re right. We cannot conclude who defaced the memorial. LOLOLOLOL.

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  1. Medulla Oblongata. It’s not Latin, it’s the part of the brain controlling the operation of the heart and lungs. Under imaging, this shows as the largest portion in a Leftist’s brain cavity.

    Reptiles have more thinking ability. Even a fruit fly operates on a higher plane of cognition.

  2. the BLM/Auntifags defaced the back of the monument, as the front of the monument was plywooded up & being prepared to be dismantled & shipped to a location to restore the bronze & redo the facing by November

    from Wiki: “On the rear [which is in the picture Fur put up] are words by Charles W. Eliot, president of Harvard University

    “The White Officers taking life and honor in their hands cast in their lot with men of a despised race unproven in war and risked death as inciters of servile insurrection if taken prisoners besides encountering all the common perils of camp march and battle. The Black rank and file volunteered when disaster clouded the Union Cause. Served without pay for eighteen months till given that of white troops. Faced threatened enslavement if captured. Were brave in action. Patient under heavy and dangerous labors. And cheerful amid hardships and privations. Together they gave to the Nation and the World undying proof that Americans of African descent possess the pride, courage and devotion of the patriot soldier. One hundred and eighty thousand such Americans enlisted under the Union Flag in MDCCCLXIII–MDCCCLXV. [1863-1865]”

    sounds like a monument to the Black troops to me

    BLM doesn’t give 2 shits about Black Americans
    BLM is nothing but Bullshit, Lies & Mendacity
    … or, if you prefer, Bullshit Lying Motherf*ckers

  3. @BFH – I cannot believe you posted this? I was about to go to BED! And then I did a last check and I saw the photo of Shaw, and thought, WTHell? What is THIS about? But of course I knew why…it was defaced some weeks back.

    This memorial was done by arguably the greatest American sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens (ASG), and it pissed me off to no end to see that happened, which it did when it happened a couple of weeks ago.

    LUCKILY it was undergoing some restoration work and the front was covered with plywood.

    The submitted design to the Gould family was of Robert on a horse, ‘in the round’, common at the time. BUT the Shaw family, INSISTED that he be portrayed with the men he trained, fought and died with. SO that is how the design changed and evolved to the clients needs.

    For reference, this monument is opposite the Boston State House, on the corner of Baaaaaston Common.

    The other design/artist story for @BFH? When ASG was designing this piece in his studio on 28th st in 1875 or so, he would go out onto the street of NYC and look for ‘Negro’ models. Some would run away thinking he was a complete nut job and others agreed. And guess what? HE PAID THEM to model.

    I’ve seen the study model heads in museums. The incredible thing about this piece it is done in a bas relief style.

    Vincent Scully is a great historian to listen to and there is another notable commentator you all will know:

    Truth or Fiction does not know shit. These assholes HATE or have never read history so we cannot expect much there.


  4. My main hope is there are enough sane people that see this craziness and stupidity and vote out lots of Democrats.

  5. It is pretty clear that nothing less than black marxist domination of government at all levels is the goal of BLM. Participation by submissive whites and other non-blacks, to control unruly whites and other unruly non-whites, will be allowed. The closest current example I can point to is the Alawites in Syria.

    The erasure and belittling of any cooperation and unity between blacks and whites in our past is crucial to this effort. Any other minority group which stands in the way of the black Marxist transformation will be attacked mercilessly. We are heading for vengeful minority rule.

  6. Regardless, 4th or 54th, the guy with the sword at the far left is my man…Charge! And god bless them.

    The historical black Essence of the meme, the context, the meaning, was LOST on the left as usual…

    Assholes. This statue thing has me in a snit.

    Lee is getting removed in sections in Richmond.

  7. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ – Thank you for the info! We love our St. Gaudens $20 gold pieces. I will now research other works by him. A search for images of the 54th Massachusetts memorial is worthwhile to view the magnificent front of the monument.

  8. @Douglas Wakeman – Woooow. you have the original commissioned pieces that were put into distribution!? Or a newer minted version as a special striking? I have the latter and it is about a 1/4″ in diameter!

    The first submitted piece/design had to be rejected because it was done in the ‘high relief’ style, too high to produce to mint, so ASG flattened it a bit and thus it was produced, but limited. It was one of ASG’s last commissions as he past away from cancer in 1907.

    BTW ASG worked VERY closely with TR to produce new coinage that TR felt the US was in need of.



    TR Inaugural Medal:


  9. Those caps worn by both sides in the Civil War intrigue me. The French army wore the same style caps in the opening months of WWI.

    For some reason, they are slanted down in front. Also, the tops have a rim of what looks like an inch high all way around the top, making the cap a collector of rainwater.

    I don’t know why anyone would design a cap like that. They look pretty good though, and gave the soldiers a bit of a rakish aspect.

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