I’m glad –> Germany: Elderly man who facilitated Muslim migrant influx gets kicked out of his own flat to accommodate migrants

Jihad Watch-

A 1990’s court ruling allows German municipalities to evict tenants to accommodate refugees if other options are exhausted. The senior German reportedly does not understand the municipality’s demands.”

74-year-old Klaus Roth states forlornly: “I put a lot of money and work into the apartment. I renovated it from scratch all by myself.” Note also that “Roth also has trouble moving after two intervertebral disc surgeries.”

Like so many, Klaus Roth thought he was being kind, tolerant, and accepting in embracing open-door migration. He did not calculate the cost. Like so many, Roth did not expect that he would experience personal loss. Some people’s losses, however, are far worse than his are. Many women have been sexually assaulted for being uncovered infidels. Others have been victims of jihad attacks.



That’s German for, “You didn’t listen to sane people when you thought you knew better. Look at you now, you dumb old bastard. Drop dead.”

You get a lot of bang for your buck with a short German word.

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21 Comments on I’m glad –> Germany: Elderly man who facilitated Muslim migrant influx gets kicked out of his own flat to accommodate migrants

  1. He doesn’t understand what the municipalities demands?

    He also doesn’t make the connection between his own migrant supporting actions and the results life is giving him, in return.

    Everyone seems to think “karma” is what happens to others and doesn’t recognize it when it happens to themselves.

  2. Serves him right but my question is if he’s being forced out due to no available openings, where does he go?

  3. Klaus Roth did Nazi that coming.
    Now hobble on down to the train station Klaus, to welcome the next wave of third world invaders. You learned nothing!

  4. Good! It needs to happen more often so that possibly some will learn from this. I recommend he bend over and kiss his ass and his country good bye.

  5. I’ll bet he, like America’s Democrat refugees fleeing their unlivable liberal utopias and infesting red states, cannot connect the dots between cause and effect.

    Willful blindness is at the center of leftist thinking.

  6. People are stupid, I don’t feel sorry for them, but I do feel sorry for everyone who has to suffer their ignorance.

  7. The worthless bastard didn’t seem to give a damn so long as it was not his oxen that were being gored. Pity is the best I can do, sympathy is not available for the likes of him

  8. He should just look for an apartment occupied by Polish people, and forcibly occupy it. That’s the German way.

  9. Liberals can’t seem to understand consequences. I’m sure he’d vote for the same people who imported the invaders again and again.

  10. Merkel should be hanged. But the, germans keep voting her in. Germans will have to pay the price. Again. But this time is the last time: germany will be islamic forever.

  11. It was probably a rent controlled municipal apartment he got because of his age. Another example of whatever the government gives you it can take away.


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