I’m gonna go create something in the name of Patrick Underwood

Hey, who’s with me? Patrick Underwood was shot and killed, while protecting a federal building, by “protesters.”

He’s received no justice.

My inclination is not to burn anything to the ground, nor block traffic, nor beat people up, nor rob anyone, or smash things. I’ll leave that to the solid denizens of the left and their superior minds, which tell them that their lives matter.

No. I want to create. Build. Progress.

Family identifies federal officer shot, killed in connection with George Floyd protest in Oakland.


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  1. This news makes me incredibly sad. It’s very hard to accept that there are people out there who are so depraved they will kill a human being on little more than a whim. We desperately want to find a reason for it — I want to blame every black grievance-monger — but the fact is the shooter(s) are to blame. Not the gun, not the other people in the car, not the Al Sharptons nor the Jesse Jacksons.

    But this is exactly what the Leftists don’t understand — personal sovereignty and agency. A collective of protestors and a mindless mob of destruction. Conservatives understand this and that is why we wait for the laws of our Constitutional Republic to do its work as it should.

    Justice means “in your favor” to the Left. “No justice,no peace” is a threat, not a truth.

    I am very sad and very sorry for the Underwood family’s loss. A good man died and another is hanging by a thread. I hope they find and arrest whoever did this.

  2. It’s a horrible thing. It really is.

    I read something about him the other day, but didn’t feel it right to link the story since they only spent 1 sentence on him and then went weeping vagina all over the rioters and how they’re angry because they’re downtrodden and blah blah vomit.

  3. You’re right, Fur. That’s how you remember people. By creating something visible and pleasant in their memories.

  4. @BFH – according to the article, he took a class in welding. Maybe that could be part or basis of your design?? Replace the cap with a helmet and put an acetylene torch in his hand, with that same smile.

  5. Yes Fur I agree. A memorial for Patrick Underwood is a wonderful idea. We need positive acts, create good things. Live well. This is how us humans keep going.

  6. Bravo!
    Any dumbass can destroy something
    Building, making new or improving, that is what separates the Wheat from the Chaff!
    I’m in

  7. AbigailAdams, you are so right. The actual murderer must be arrested and prosecuted. Without proper constitutional justice there is only mob rule and tyranny. The left is attempting to shred us apart to the point of no return.

  8. “Hatred is not a creative force. Love alone creates.”
    –St. Maximilian Kolbe
    priest, prisoner, and martyr, who gave his life in place of a condemned man at Auschwitz

  9. To BFH, the president mentioned this man, this hero, this evening, in a speech that will be remembered for all time sure.

    What are you thinking of doing?



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