I’m good, thanks…

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  1. Larry The Cable Guy: “For the love of the Lord, those Home Depot toilets are for DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY!”

  2. Gives new meaning to “Let’s go Brandon”. Don’t know why I thought of that – maybe be.cause that could be his porcelain throne. Here I sit broken hearted…maybe I should stop with this line of thinking.

  3. “…Or^^^your thinking cap….”

    Don’t know exactly what you’re saying, but I suspect it aint a complement. On a different day at a different time I might challenge your comment, but today I will give thanks that you live your life anonymously – not daring to take a stand or to stand out.

  4. Why am I visualizing, in my mind’s eye, Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers films, wearing a BRANDON name tag
    trudging down the aisle for the 1pm demonstration at the Home Depot?

    This is all your fault, @stirring.

  5. So sorry PHenry – that IS a horrible visual, not to mention the stench that might come out of that tub of goo.

    Let’s work on some therapy here so you can enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving blessings.

  6. Man oh man, talk about potty humor…we’ve got it here on iOTW (heh heh)

    BFH is this the personality that you had in mind?

  7. If it weren’t for Geroge Soros and affirmative action, the ‘associate’ responding for the demonstation would be one of the Obamas, or Hillary Clinton.

    Given Biden’s poop issues, they could just trot him out for the demonstration.

  8. @Cynic November 25, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    > If the commode is that high off the ground, a demo would be impressive.

    with milk crates

  9. If psychiatrists really want to help people understand their own brains, let them figure out why poop, pee, and snot jokes are so funny.


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