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I’m Just G🤪nna Set This Here

As seen on Twitter. h/t Illustr8r.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my medicated and unmedicated peeps out there! 💕

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  1. Well, since they were never vaccines to begin with…
    The only ‘vaccine’ against the covid is to get it. And even that doesn’t confer full immunity.

  2. I am still unvaxxed even after being hospitalized last month for COVID for 10 days. I did get a flu shot and a pneumonia shot yesterday as part of a routine doctor visit and that’s as far as I will go with vaccinations. Happy Thanksgiving everyone at IOTW, we’re having a roast, rosemary potatoes and gravy today since we’ll be celebrating a regular Thanksgiving dinner with my son and 3 grandkids on Saturday.

  3. I feel humbled to be a part of a group called “The Pure Bloods.”

    @geoff the aardvark Did you ask what was in the flu shot? Was the jab booster mixed in with the flu shot? /just curious

  4. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with extended family, and the subject never came up.


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