I’m just going to call everyone Chief or Boss… or Cuz – IOTW Report

I’m just going to call everyone Chief or Boss… or Cuz

It’s now a more egregious offense in the state of California to not use someone’s preferred pronoun than it is to purposely infect someone with HIV……liberalism is a mental disorder. – Lead Salad

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  1. In the small town my dad lives in, there are a few people that address me as “cuz”. The reason for most of them is that they are actually my cousins LOL (quite distant in most cases).

    Back in the late 1700’s, many of many of the people in this area descended from the same “stock” because there were a few people granted sizeable amounts of land based on their service in the Revolutionary War (and most of them had several children). Their descendants are actually cousins based on the ever-expanding “family” tree that propagated over time.

    Thus, I’ll answer to “cuz” pretty much any time because the person speaking is likely to be my blood cousin.

  2. IIRC, on the sliding scale of friendliness, cuz is good, boss is OK, then pal, then buddy, then chief, which was slightly better than “hey a*hole, you wanna get smacked in the mouth?”

  3. I’ve been addressed by numerous salutations, mostly good, some less than good.
    My response is dependent upon how I am addressed.
    I’ve never failed to respond. I mirror the respect I receive.
    Mostly, “Yes, Sir”, “Yes Mam”. On rare occasions rudely and crudely.

  4. Wouldn’t a free distribution of
    an anal lube with nitroglycerin
    solve the “California problem”?

  5. I’m sure they have a carve out for illegals who slip & call a she-male amigo v amiga.
    Protected status, some all more protected than others. What a dilemma.

  6. You said “Chief”!!!! That’s racist aggression against indigenous people! I’m triggered, even though I am a white male. I think I will go paint graffiti on a statue, or something…

  7. The whole point of pronouns is avoiding individualized forms of address. When everyone has their own they’re called “names”.

  8. just call them as you see them.

    if someone wants to get offended let them.

    why should you shorten your life with stress over something so stupid.

    if they want to haul you into court over this crap, countersue them for making you feel uncomfortable and afraid.

  9. My boss of several years ago used to think it was ridiculous how so many doctors (he was a family doctor) acted so high-and-mighty with all the letters after their names. For a joke one time, he signed his name, John Doe, MD, EOU. We had a good laugh when he received an official letter from the State Licensing Board addressed to John Doe, MD, EOU.

    Emperor of the Universe.

  10. “What are you here for?”
    “I shot almost 600 people and killed 58 of them. Why are you here?”
    “I called some tranny ‘Dickhead’.”

  11. I’ll just refer to everyone as “Whateverthefuck” if I wake from a nightmare and find myself in LA.
    That should cover it.

  12. down here in Texas we call anybody anything we want to. We still have first amendment rights. of course you best be big enough, mean enough and tough enough to endure the consequences. A law to make words or a name a crime, puleese jerry. Moonbeam must still be smoking.

  13. They want us to use these silly approaches to not offend these sexual perverts. Too bad.

    I guess when I proselytize to them and tell them they are sinning it will not go over well.

  14. What if a person is dressed like a man, looks like a man, IS a man, but wants to be called a woman? How is a person who comes in contact with them supposed to know this? There is a variety of ways an innocent person can get into trouble based on the whims of the asshole they meet.

  15. I guess “nigger,” “bitch,” “greaseball,” and “faggot” are out?

    Oh, well … how bout “buckwheat,” “slut,” “frito,” and “cocksucker?”

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Watch out for people who call you Buddy, Bub, Friend etc. especially if they don’t know you. Friend in particular bugs me because it’s usually someone who’s trying to sell me something I don’t want or need. If you don’t know me please ask me for my name and I’ll be glad to tell you as long as you’re not a jerk about it. Whatever happened to common sense and good old fashioned manners or do we all have to start wearing name tags of how we want to be addressed. Brother or bro is another one, if I’m not your brother please don’t call me that? Comrade also sucks.

  17. @MJA:

    …an innocent person can get into trouble based on the whims of the asshole they meet.

    I think you just hit on the perfect choice for how to address the unknown. I mean, all sexes and genders have one, right? It’s universally applicable! We call everybody “asshole”.

  18. Back in the 60s, the term I heard most often for people who someone did not know the name of was “Hey guy!”

    I guess a Time traveler from back then would be pummeled to death immediately. Also, JFK would be considered a conservative/Nazi these days.

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