I’m offended that you find Christmas so offensive

Doesn’t it count when I’m offended?

Zero Hedge-

In Minnesota, a charter school banned the display of a poster prepared to promote the school’s yearbook as a holiday gift because the poster included Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and other secular Christmas icons, not to mention the word “Christmas.”

In New Jersey, one school district banned traditional Christmas songs such as “Joy to the World” and “Silent Night” from its holiday concerts.  A New Jersey middle school cancelled a field trip to attend a performance of a play based on Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” because some might have found it “offensive.”

In Texas, a teacher who decorated her door with a scene from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” including a scrawny tree and Linus, was forced to take it down lest students be offended or feel uncomfortable.

In Connecticut, teachers were instructed to change the wording of the classic poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to “Twas the Night Before a Holiday.”

In Virginia, a high school principal debated about whether he could mention Santa or distribute candy canes given that they were symbols of Christmas.

In Massachusetts, a fourth-grade class was asked to list 25 things that reminded them of Christmas. When one young student asked if she could include “Jesus,” her teacher replied that she could get fired if Christmas’ namesake appeared on the list.

Things are not much better outside the schools.

In one West Virginia town, although the manger scene (one of 350 light exhibits in the town’s annual Festival of Lights) included shepherds, camels and a guiding star, the main attractions—Jesus, Mary and Joseph—were nowhere to be found due to concerns about the separation of church and state.

In Chicago, organizers of a German Christkindlmarket were informed that the public Christmas festival was no place for the Christmas story. Officials were concerned that clips of the film “The Nativity Story,” which were to be played at the festival, might cause offense.

In Delaware, a Girl Scout troop was prohibited from carrying signs reading “Merry Christmas” in their town’s annual holiday parade.


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  1. Christians just get screwed and that’s a fact.
    Holiday’s of non Americans are not only fully Welcomed here, but Liberals get themselves so excited by them that they masturbate over them until they believe they’ve joined them.
    ” Get Your Feet out of My Damn Sink “

  2. They say they don’t believe in the Spaghetti Monster God of Christianity, but they are way more zealous about their belief in everything and anything else….Kwanza (a made up “holy day”), for example. And Halloween is more celebrated in the U.S. by more people, now.

    Left Coast Dan has it right. Amen.

  3. More of the Left mainstreaming the abnormal, the mentally ill and victimhood like children trying to get a reaction. Why are we letting them get away with this? Send them back to the Island of Misfit Toys where they belong!

  4. VietVet
    You took the words right out of my mouth!

    While I don’t believe in the supernatural wrapper, the essence of Christianity is an unasailiably fine philosopy. And nothing showcases this more than Christmas.

    Anyone who is offended by the notion of peqce on earth and good will towards men isn’t an atheist, he/she is an ahole.

  5. They’re all about shocking us with their behavior, like two birds of a feather who went to a Chick-fil-a and tongue kissed each other. They think it will endear them to us, but it just raises the disgust level.

  6. Da Bro and I went to the ‘Festival of Lights’ in Fox Lake, IL on November 24th. The town usually does the parade early, but decided in recent years to coordinate the parade with the tree lighting, etc.

    It was a blast. Everyone was wishing each other a Merry Christmas. The local High School Choir sang traditional Christmas hymns/songs.

    The town was basically shut down for a few hours.

    It seems like nobody up here (60 miles from Shitcago) gives a crap about political correctness. Even the bicycle cops were wearing Santa hats.

    I’m sure that SJW crap is creeping in. But when you pass the marquee at the HS and they name names for accomplishments, it makes me feel like all is well for now.

  7. Libtards are self-cleansing. PUT up the displays, SING Christmas songs, TALK about Jesus, WISH people a “Merry CHRISTMAS,” and THEN…

    … their heads EXPLODE, and the problem is SOLVED!!!

    ta da. 😀


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