“I’m Only Familiar With One Royal Family” – IOTW Report

“I’m Only Familiar With One Royal Family”

The coach of the Boston Celtics has something to say and he doesn’t mince his words.

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  1. If you can still follow a Communist anti-Christan antipope as a Catholic, you don’t know the REAL Royal Family that well either.

  2. At least it wasn’t pussified Prince Harry and his harridan wife Meghan. Attaboy to coach of the Boston Celtics coach for stating the obvious. Jesus, Mary and Joseph rule, the royal family doesn’t and never will, they’re just a bunch of inbred’s with their German and French cousins and probably Russian as well who make me glad, I’m an American and have no King other than Jesus.

  3. ^^^ That’s It. ^^^^

    We got to kick LBS OFF of this site.

    & that Damned Canadian too!

    lol. I removed them.

  4. No other questions? It’s as if that’s all they were interested in – how he was wowed by some people who had the ‘right’ lineage. Which he wasn’t.

  5. Wonderful! So glad to see those who have a platform use it to remind everyone. This is what the world looks like when the Holy Spirit leads us.

  6. Being royalty is nothing more than being born into the correct family. As was noted above, there was & still is, inbreeding to keep the bloodline “pure”. Much is made in the British press of the royal family. Sadly, just like here in our corrupt system, the royal family is nothing more than a bunch of sponges. Robbing the taxpayers to fund their castles, palaces, private jets, real estate, etc. Just like our politicians, the royals have never had a real job, a lot of the men have fulfilled military obligations, that can be commended. But most of them claim just lives of “service to the people”. Right…..but, I do have to admit that Kate Middleton is quite the one. Other than that, not a one of them does anything to “earn” their fortunes. Just be a Mountbatten & you’re set.

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