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  1. With the perps identity hidden, he could either be spray painted or baseball bated in the knee cap. Stabbing or shooting are aplo options. What a bunch of despicable cowards!

  2. Pamella Geller’s comment, Menderman’s paranoia, BFH & Pamela appeal to Menderman to back off, calm down, understand he hasn’t been hurt, or outed, or given VD through all of this screwing around over the past couple of years.


  3. Menderman has always come off as mentally unstable to me.
    What a flaming paranoid schizophrenic douchebag.

  4. I have vague remembrance of Menderman first making accusations the contest was rigged in favor of the initial winner, and the doxing thing was just just sour grapes. I could be wrong. Either way it’s sad, I liked Menderman.

    Let it go Man, nothing you can do will change things…..

  5. I have read and reread your comment, BFH and Pamella’s comment. I think I understand from a VERY outsider’s perspective. I am not sure what set Menderman off at this point. All I can say is that I am going to do the only thing I can think of–pray.

  6. Menderman, you need a vacation. In Florida.
    On the Gulf Coast, the BETTER coast (hah!).
    Contact Fur and I’ll see what I can do with the Czarina.

  7. If he thought about someone other than himself for a moment, he could take lessons in courage from “PG”. Even after Texas, she hasn’t backed down. Not a bit. She is awesome.

  8. Menders has some inner issues. Looking for flimsy excuses to fight with us doesn’t solve them. He could really turn on a dime depending on his moods. In an hour’s span of time, he could sound like a Conservative for 20 minutes and then switch to a whiny Lib for the rest. In the meantime, he’s picking a fight with whoever is around at the moment. Including people who tried to help him! The next time he came around was like nothing ever happened… Until something sets him off again. He’s an attention whore and a self-stresser, and no one here is equipped to help him with all that.

  9. Considering what went down in Texas, you can’t say any anxiety is unfounded. And if that truly is at the heart of this nastiness, a reasonable person wouldn’t seek to keep it alive on the net. These things tend to go quiet and disappear if life isn’t breathed into them on a regular basis.

    I think the heart of it is using ‘being outed/but not really’ as a pretext to continue to harp on the assumption the contest was fixed. There’s some bad pretzel logic; if Menderman had won he’d have to go so public, there wouldn’t be any escaping the threat and he’d have to maintain constant vigilance. Bosch deals with that all the time.

    So, what’s it going to be, K? I think you should step back and assess what’s going on in your head. It’s coming off as dark, ugly, nasty and very childishly spiteful. Taken to the conclusion you threaten, people will harmed. Not in your theater of the mind way – in meatspace.

    Is that what you really want? People to get hurt? To be thought of as that guy, when they think of you or any other fallout?

    I never, in years past, thought you would go this far down this twisted path. The good Lord made you for better things than this.

  10. As much as I had seen Menderman be a frequent devils advocate (especially during my lurker years), I never would’ve predicted him threatening people. Those who know him personally have said he’s got a lot of stuff he’s working through, so I’m just going to pray for everyone involved and abstain from judgement for now.

  11. This is a serious matter, but everything serious I’d want to say has been said already by my fine friends here. So, I’ve tried to inject a smidgen of humor.

  12. I’ve said many times that if I’m outed it’s not just me that I’m worried about.
    It’s the people who are with me.
    What the hell did they do to Menderman?
    But this guy doesn’t give a shit.

    He’s demanding apologies.
    That’s how friggin screwed in the head he is.

    He doesn’t know the innocent people who would be effected by his doxing. He doesn’t care, he is the worst of the worst, lobbing bombs into crowds.

    I can truly say this is one sorry bastard and I’m ashamed of him. Deeply.

    May his conscience be his guide.
    If he does what he’s threatened to do, he has no conscience, which is the symptom of a psychopath.

  13. Was Menderman exposed or not? Seems to me if it were that big of deal his toilet would have exploded already with him on it. If I were in Mendermans place and scared to death of being exposed, I would not have entered the damn contest. Does Menderman have any ownership in this? I don’t think anybody anticipated muzzie keister cowboys showing up and committing suicide in the parking lot but shit happens. My personal opinion from exchanging very few emails with Menderman that being the Odd Man Out on Trump bothers him more than terrorists blowing up his toilet. And I stayed in a Holiday Inn about 30 years ago

  14. I think so too, re: Trump. He should have just swallowed his pride and went to Right Poop with the rest of the NT’s. Nobody has time for them any where else.

  15. Man, I guy lays low and tries to take a little break from what’s going on for a couple weeks and the world goes crazy. BFH I have spent quite a bit of time I’m Amish country these last few weeks. Man could a guy disappear there.

    On a more serious note BFH you know who I am, and if you ever need anything hit me up. I might know some people that know some people in some places. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, or quit taking the meds without the Dr’s advice. When people we consider friends are threatened, well we become tend to take it personally and become an army of David’s. I ain’t skeered.

  16. I always thought “DOXING” what ever the fuck that means, could be a hoot. Distribute Lat and Long. I’ll be on high ground with a 50 cal. Durka Durka.

  17. Hey Brad, I’m not trying to stir up any shit but I think BFH called you a strong armed lout. If he keeps that up you might have to put him in a headlock or something. LOL

  18. joe6pak

    I didn’t see that. But yet BFH keeps the soap opera rolling doesn’t he. Handled poorly. BFH, you have my email. No need to ban me. Just tell me Im not welcome I split. Or just man the fuck up and say it here.

  19. Bad_Brad he was kidding. He was referring to you as menders did as a joke. Calm down, man. Don’t make me pinch you. And not in a good way, either.

  20. I still maintain that ANTFA doesn’t stand for Anti Fascist or Fascism. I think it stands for ANTI First Amendment. They are trying to shut down all free speech that is counter to their mindset, philosophy, agenda, whatever. They are the real FASCIST. They are using Alynski “opposite speak” to mask their real intent. These people are terrorists plain and simple. SHUT THEM DOWN!! If they come to a town near you find where their transport buses are parked, and organize a Bon Voyage party for them as they return for the ride home. Let them know how much you care.

  21. If Menderman is looking for an apology, I’ll be happy to give him one: “Menderman, I’m sorry you’re so petty and vindictive.”

  22. Tearful little sister: Mommy and Daddy are fighting again. I’m scared, I don’t knowwww whhhaaaaattttttttooooodooooo

    Big sister: Don’t worry, they’ll have make-up sex and everything will be alright again.

  23. This whole episode is a good example of why a person is best off avoiding the infected and the unlucky, they bring down everyone around them down. This is addressed in a book that I can’t recommend enough, “The 48 Laws of Power”. It’s packed full of wisdom with really good historical references. It’s a book I would like to to able to write.

  24. And infected is not meant to be a reference to physical health, it’s a reference to a persons heart and soul. As I understand it anyway.

  25. Try not to worry, guys. You’ve done your best. Being a conservative is not for the faint of heart. We’re in a battle and if you support a cutting edge, front line blog like iOTWR, be prepared for serious pushback. It’s time to trust God with this situation. iOTWR has a prayer cicle going on its behalf – great favor. Praying for protection of BFH, MJA & staff, all iOTWers and friends.

  26. I want to let everyone know BFH and I have been in contacted and he explained his post, that I did not actually see. I apologized for a snap judgment. Sorry to cause any confusion.

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