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I’m Sensing a Suspicious Pattern in Pima County

American Thinker

Thanks to the efforts of former Arizona Representative Mark Finchem and a brilliant analysis by pattern expert Shiva Ayyadurai, we can guess which precincts allegedly received the phony ballots. Finchem obtained precinct-level voting data for Pima County, the county he represented. These data included, by precinct, the number of people requesting mail-in ballots, the number of people returning the ballots, and the votes for each candidate.

Dr. Ayyadurai, a pattern recognition expert, noticed that Pima County’s 2020 election had an extraordinarily high mail-in ballot return rate (about 87 percent) when compared to the national average (71 percent) or the average of other Arizona counties (67.6 percent). Even more interesting was the pattern and distribution of precincts in Pima, when arranged by their mail-in ballot return rates. More

8 Comments on I’m Sensing a Suspicious Pattern in Pima County

  1. I’m sure you could rub the officials noses in the evidence and they would decline to admit they could smell anything. Same as our chicken poop judges.

  2. Our side needs to produce a fuck ton of mail-in ballots and send them in.
    Flood the system so that there are 200% participation.
    Make it get to the point that cheating can no longer be denied.
    Otherwise this Trump vs DeSantis nonsense is pure mental masturbation…

  3. ^^^^ If our side did that we would all be in prison.

  4. I still say voter fraud should be considered a capital offense and only sentence can be DEATH BY HANGING! Hang a few of those commie bastards and the cartels will have a hard time finding the scum to do their work!

  5. My suggestion would be: Let’s work on being juuuuuuuuuust a little quicker to pick up on their shenanigans than two years!!

  6. Arizona & Nevada are basically a lost cause.
    Florida had that boondoggle in 2000, since then they have reformed to a very secure election that declares the results within hours.

    Of course, DeSantis went after fraudulent voters last year and the MSM attacked him as racist.
    Going after Tic-Tok is also racist.
    It’s the only card they have now.

  7. Like Rush said, everyone votes on the same day. No early voting, no vote by mail, absentee voting is for active military. Results available next day. Democrats will scream ‘voter suppression’ even with district turnout at 110%.

  8. Meanwhile new movie out.
    Twisted Sister
    Emily appears to have the perfect life with a daughter, a successful PR firm, a family inheritance, and a strong marriage with Kyle. But everything falls apart when Lily arrives. A right-wing card-carrying cult member,
    claiming to be her half-sister.
    Bringing half-baked wild conspiracy theories loaded with out of control Trumpmania & Trumpism. Causing complete chaos in her world, leading to Russian Oligarch arms dealers who deal in human trafficking. Russian Oligarch Trump Supporters, aka the ROTS kidnap Emily’s daughter to sell her off to Saudi Elites. Emily becomes a master martial arts expert & weapons master in hopes of gaining her daughter back from the ROTS & Saudi Elites.

    Can’t wait until Twisted Sister II is released. You go girlfriend.

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