I’m so glad we are post racial and colorblind

The American Red Cross has issued an apology because someone looked at a pool safety poster and did some math.


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  1. “Colorblind” was merely the camel’s nose in the tent, to lure the masses.

    That camel has been pooping, had its babies and set up shop in the tent for decades.

    They need to merge with the “Red Crescent” and get it over with.

  2. Plot twist: The poster art was copied from an actual color photograph taken at a real-life pool.


  3. The truth hurts don’t it. Where did the Red Cross get such an idea?
    From life it’s self.
    When was the last time you locked your car doors as you saw white people

  4. A former executive director oF “Mixteco/Indigera Community Organizing Plan”? No wonder she took offense; it’s in her job description.

    What I want to know is, WTF do these people do for a living that they have all this time and energy to get aggrieved, complain, and protest? Must be some seriously cushy jobs out there.

    Last week in New York City Family Court was so brutal that my weekend basically became a two-day nap puncuated by trips to the kitchen and bathroom. Yesterday, still in a fog–home at 7 p.m., in bed an hour later. Only reason I’m on the ball today is that I had to take a Claritin-D for my allergies this morning, which always has an “upper” effect on me.

  5. “In connection with the lack of images showing African Americans excelling in swimming…”

    But the stereotype is that they typically don’t, and stereotypes usually exist for a reason.

  6. Why is the black lifeguard wagging a finger at the “cool” white people while the “not cool” black kid appears to be drowning in the middle of the pool?
    How does the woman, who was so offended, know which kids are black and which ones have really good tans?
    Why is there a blue whale floating in the air holding a whistle?

  7. The black kid it pushing the little asian girl from behind into the pool and the not cool arrow is clearly pointed at the asian.

    Probably a convenience store worker’s kid that wouldn’t let the black kid have the goods for free.

  8. Next time, to avoid this kind of trouble, they should do away with kids altogether and replace them with Purple, Green and Red children sharks.

  9. If the red cross was forced to make a poster explaining to muslims that they shouldn’t rape girls and boys in the pool they’d object to “not cool” arrows pointing at the muslims.

  10. Gotta say I thought some kids were just tanned. Had no idea they were black.
    When I was a kid in the 50’s I looked very dark from being at the beach

  11. @LBS , 1000t/u for that one.

    “Who gonna jump in da pool !? And mess up my’s weaves?! Nuh uh ! “

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