I’m starting to feel bad for *women named Karen

*non-crazy women

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. It’s too late for that name.
    Who in their right mind could ever name their infant daughter Karen ?

    (How many Eleanors have you ever met?)

  2. One, my niece is named Eleanor and if she takes after my brothers ex wife who lives in Seattle, she’s a budding or full blown feminazi. Yes and she went to Evergreen State College to get a worthless degree so she can work for the State of Washington promoting legal marijuana. She’s very pretty but if I were a young guy I’d avoid her like the plague.

  3. I find the whole Karen thing a bit ironic considering black women have been acting like karens for every since I can remember…..Just ask anybody you know who ever worked in retail sales. They will agree.

  4. I always just laugh when I tell people I don’t believe in wearing masks, or I think the COVID scare has been way overblown, and then say, “After all, my name IS Karen!” It usually gets a lot of laughs and high fives. Although you would be surprised at the number of people who have no idea what I am talking about.

  5. Let’s open up their skulls and look at their brains. There’s got to be something physically wrong with them inside. Maybe they need frontal lobotomies. You could cut out their forebrains and then put the frontal lid back on. I’m pretty sure it would make them stop screaming.

  6. @Geoff – my sister’s name is Karen, and she is…a Karen. Recently retired from the Florida State Government working in health care public policy making. She’s deep state (at the state level) and believes the people are helpless without government – and arrogant as hell about it.

  7. Nooooooo. There is a bat shit crazy Karen across the road from me. It is her real name. I won’t start on her lunacy.

  8. I didn’t watch the video, but of the three Karens I have met in my lifetime, they all had bubbly personalities and had perky….ya know.

    Perhaps if they had gotten the PHenry treatment they would be contented and agreeable to this day.

    I could calm down a lot of the screechers with the PHenry treatment.

    It starts with the belushi eyebrow, the bill Murray aunt jemima treatment, complete with spatula.

    ^^ stupid dude joke.

    ^^ any Karens interested in the PHenry treatment should register with my agent, Bigfurhat at iotw something something.

  9. @Larry’s Bro
    If you gave our tyrannical gov a frontal lobotomy, her IMAX screen sized forehead would collapse in on itself.

  10. To MissInMi. That’s also what would happen if you sucked on

    Hold on. You’re a ‘Miss.” I can’t say that. I apologize and Lord, be with the starving pygmies down in New Guinea.

  11. @ Anonymous: (D) voting parents, of course. Some probably even would go so far as to name their daughters Karen Eleanor or Eleanor Karen…
    Can you imagine the screaming??

  12. I had 2 loves in my life named Karen, and I adored both of them.

    Better to replace the term ‘Karen’ with ‘Oprah’ to define an asshole, loudmouth woman who thinks he shit doesn’t stink.

  13. Speaking of Karens, I haven’t heard much from the wannabe-Cackler-In-Chief, Hellary Clinton lately. Maybe she’s laying low till the Jizlain thing blows over or Jizlain meets an intimely end.

  14. My mom is named Karen and is a very nice, well read person.

    I also have an Aunt named Karen and she is crazy as hell- but that’s because she has legit mental problems from drug abuse during her teens and head trauma from an abusive boyfriend.

    Tbh this whole Karen thing has been a label for a while now and it was started by black racist ppl on the internet making fun of ‘crazy ass white ladies’ when black woman are prone to be just if not a lot more wack.

    I dunno- it bothers me to see it so widespread now.

  15. I don’t think Karen’s need to be too upset. Accept it and laugh about it. My first name is not Joe, (believe it or not) its a name that when online dating services were polled my name came up as the name that generated the most negative initial responses. I told my mom about that and she spent about 5 minutes apologizing. At least I’m happily married so online dating isn’t an issue for me.

  16. @joe6 — Your mom apologized?! You let her go on for FIVE whole minutes, apologizing?!

    Dwayne is a very nice name! Ingrate! 😉

  17. AA, yes she did apologize, I let her too. Can you imagine how I would feel knowing that my name generates the most negative responses of all names. Actually I think Adolf was more negative. And of course I’m kidding. My mom loves my wife and she joked that it’s a good thing I got married before dating websites came around.

  18. My Grandma’s name was Eleanor.
    I have a cousin named Karen.
    My Mom’s name was Barbara and she had the best Doxie eva, named Hambone.
    Signed by me Debbie Downer.


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