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I’m taking a WISK posting this

Funny video about unintentional racism. (Yes, lefties, there is such a thing.) ((But, of course, they will accuse me of racism for intentionally posting this.)) (((I. Don’t. Care.)))

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  1. Needed a good laugh. Been spitting nails. Got a robocall from the county sheriff last night telling everyone to stay home. Bill of Rights. Gone. Constitution in shreds.

  2. Bwahahahaha

    Makes sense for laundromats doing laundry in a NOT DiY laundromat.. Much more efficient and no damage to non whites.

    I have a 30 lb commercial loader, 7 basket bins, and sort when DH carries down the dirties. It is sorted according to fibers or type or usage, colors or whatever makes sense to a clothing engineer. Drives DH, an EE nuts. Hee,hee.

  3. Black History month? That’s so February. This is March. Women’s History month.

    We White guys don’t get a month. Cuz patriarchy and white privilege and shit.

    Shut yo mouff!

  4. I’m not sure if I like it or not.

    I will have to ask my Prime minister if I am allowed to laugh or not. He is more “Woke” than me.

  5. Kcir
    Just a hunch but based on your PMs history and fondness for blackface and cultural costumes, I think he’d find this funny, in a closeted sort of way.

  6. Don’t worry Fur if the TIDE turns against you just look for a POD to hide in till it’s over then I’m sure you’ll BOUNCE back.

  7. @WDS “Those old ring around the collar commercials. 60’s TV ads rocked!” I remember a scene in the FLINTSTONES during that era where Wilma and Betty were hanging out their wash and Betty asked how Wilma got rid of the “Ring around the Collar”, and Wilma said “By scrubbing Fred’s neck!”

  8. Making a white business owner feel bad for working hard and trying to get ahead. Now isn’t that what political correctness is all about? This skit could have appeared on “Mad TV” or “In Living Color” 20 years ago and been taken as edgy humor.

    Now it won’t wash with anyone on the left.

  9. So, I downloaded the video and uploaded it to several of my contacts on Whatsapp…they loved it!! LOL


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