” I’m Tough But Cute “

Yeah! You know, like a Powerpuff Girl!


Megyn Kelly’s Co-Workers ‘Outraged’ at ‘Diva-Like’ Host

Megyn Kelly’s morning show has not even started, but her NBC co-workers are reportedly already “outraged” at Kelly’s “diva-like” behavior and puzzled about why the network keeps throwing money at her.

According to the New York Post, NBC is reportedly “sparing no expense” on Kelly even though she arguably dragged down much of the network during her first two months there as her Sunday newsmagazine show was usually NBC’s weakest link. Due to terrible ratings, Kelly’s Sunday show was pulled at least two episodes sooner than planned, and there are questions about whether the Sunday newsmagazine show that exposed her vapidness will even return after the football season. Viewers promptly returned to NBC to watch a rerun of Dateline as soon as Kelly went off the air.


‘Serious’ Journo Megyn Kelly: I’m ‘Tough but Cute’.

When NBC anchor and “serious’ journalist Megyn Kelly was asked to describe herself in three words on Wednesday, she replied: “Tough but cute.”


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  1. NBC execs must have Battered Husband Cuck Syndrome.

    The more disappointingly she behaves, the more they shower her with expensive gifts.

    A guaranteed $20 Million? She and her Agent and her army of tax lawyers must be laughing their asses off.
    Lousy ratings? She couldn’t care less.

  2. She may be low talent, journalist wannabe with delusions of talent but she’s laughing all the way to the bank. I gather her contract is a pay-me regardless type that ensures full payment whether NBC uses her or not. She knew she had burned audience bridges at Fox with her attacks on Trump and O’Reilly (he’s a bit of dick as well but he had a big audience and big ad dollars) and Fox wasn’t meeting her demands so off to NBC she skipped. Whoever negotiated her contract was blinded by the thought of her audience following her to NBC and gave away the store. Don’t be surprised to see NBC just paying off her contract and getting rid of her if this morning show isn’t a ratings hit.

  3. Ha ha ha!

    Better NBC than a real news outlet!

    “Never give a sucker an even break.”
    “If you find some poor, retarded chump who wants to give you his money – take it.”
    (Megyn Kelly)

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Love Diamond & Silk. They have pretty faces, great commentary, personality plus. I’d recognize them anywhere.

    You Tube has censored them. GRRRRRRR

  5. Like a black widow spider. Give her that horrid Michelle obama dress that had a red hour glass on black background, and she would at least give warning before anyone approached.

  6. 🔴 Megyn’s Thinking….🔴

    “I need to move up in this world.
    1. So I’ll 1st claim I’m politically independent.
    2. I’ll show I’m not a right-winger by stabbing Trump in the back.
    3. I’ll act like a victim from the backlash.
    4. I’ll claim sexism.
    5. I’ll leave Foxnews for more money.
    6. The left-wing will accept me as a hero w/ open arms.
    7. I’ll do a hit-piece on Alex Jones. They’ll love me for that.
    8. My book will be #1.
    9. I’ll smash all records with my own show.
    10. I’ll show them I know what I’m doing!”

    Should’ve read the book, “How to ruin your career in 10 easy steps!”

  7. guess she never heard the old saying: “beauty (& I use the term very loosely in this instance) is only skin deep”
    … but ugly goes all the way to the bone

  8. Great news she was fired. Hopefully she got a yuge settlement from NBCFake news. NBCFN is not only out a butt load of money, but they have to cough up the same kind of dough for her replacement. Is this a great country or what?

  9. Out West we say, “she washes up real pretty”.
    “Tough, but cute” is how we talk about barnyard animals… but Muzzies call them “approachable and admirable”.

  10. If you feel compelled to tell the world you are tough and cute, most likely you are neither. More likely an inferiority complex. Go away megyn Kelly you leftist dope

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