Images of 9/11: A Visual Remembrance

The whole world experienced the attacks of September 11, 2001, in real time. Videos, photos, and audio captured the horror inflicted by Islamic jihadists and the heroism displayed by ordinary Americans. In our effort to never forget, Breitbart News provides you a visual and audial remembrance of that fateful day when the world changed forever.

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  1. 9-11-2019 – I SHALL NEVER FORGET


    Arrived at LaGuardia (AM) from Reagan (DC). Caught a cab to 5th Ave. and saw the first big ball of flames just after being hit. Taxi driver and I thought it was a Hollywood stunt for a movie.

    Worked for an Engineering/Occupational Safety & Health National company, with an office across the Street from the Empire State Bldg. I was scheduled to meet with a telecommunications company (whose antenna was atop one of the buildings) to inspect their Manhattan facility and develop a H&S Plan.

    By the time I arrived at my office, everyone was watching the events on television. Then the next building was hit. The rest, everyone knows.

    The streets were shoulder-to-shoulder people in disbelief and awed panic. The subways were shut down along with all forms of public transportation. My return flight was useless.

    All auto travel exits out of Manhattan were reportedly blocked or closed. I already had booked a room, days before at a nearby hotel. Our office building was evacuated due to the Empire State Building being across the street and fear that it would be hit next.

    Everyone was trapped out on the street. I checked in to the hotel after several hours of winding and swimming through a sea of people. My scheduled appointment had also been canceled. Cell phones no longer worked.


    Went out the next morning and walked to Ground Zero. People still in shock.

    There was total armed security surrounding the Site, blocked off by side-by-side dump trucks and other vehicles hiding mountainous piles of igneous and billowing, volcanic-like rubble. The massive smoke cloud, choking the sky, wafted away towards the E/NE. I was due to return to DC that day, but now no way to leave. The hotel let me stay an extra night for free, including the night before.


    Penn Station was reportedly open and I arrived to wait in line for some 5 hours to finally buy a ticket and catch the next train to DC, Union Station.

    Arrived at Union Station later and caught the Metro to Reagan Airport. No one was in the airport, and an empty graveyard of hundreds of docked aircraft.

    So, I walked to the parking lot to retrieve my car. No parking charge and I drove toward Maryland, passing the Pentagon with massive smoke clouds hovering over the north, across the Potomac. I was one of a few cars driving during afternoon rush hour.

    A sadness lingered everywhere as I drove on empty roads that I had driven over for decades and bicycled over to DC as a kid to walk inside all of the government buildings at-will and unhindered.

    I felt I had entered Hell.

    About a Month Later

    Was scheduled to monitor dust removal operations with all HVAC duct systems in several buildings surrounding Ground Zero, as employee absenteeism was reportedly due to the HVAC systems being in full operation during and after the 9/11 Event. The 9/11 dust was believed deposited within the HVAC duct systems with the dust and human remains of the Event every time the system kicked on. It was feared (or believed) it was continually blowing into occupied spaces through the supply air registers.

    Arrived a second time in another building. This time, I afterward walked the streets and still saw people with pictures of their missing loved-ones, imploring/asking people, “Have you seen this person”? After several hours of this very saddening and doleful experience, I returned to my hotel room and wept all night (the tears always come every 9/11). Left the next day, as the dust abatement had passed the testing and inspection.


    Lost a close business colleague that Day from Texas, to whom I spoke over the phone many times concerning upcoming projects for his company, which I would be conducting. I will never hear that friendly voice ever again.

    The company I was working for, had a standing multi-million dollar contract for monitoring and testing for asbestos abatement at the two vanished buildings. Soon after, the company slowly folded. I left before then and started my own company.

    I Shall Never Forget.

  2. This is why to this day I turn the tv on first thing in the a.m. to check for breaking news. Instead I get a steady stream of hate America propaganda.

  3. I was a trade floor programmer for Merrill Lynch at the foot of the North Tower (World Financial Center). Commuted through World Trade every day. I was working on a partnership trading app with Cantor Fitzgerald at the time. I attended 3 funerals in 4 days and saw many of the same people at each.

    I will never forget. The spouses and children of these fine people. Just heartbreaking. September 11 sits in my soul and I feel it coming every year once the calendar clicks past August and then it’s like tick-tock to me. I will be happier when tomorrow comes.

  4. I once worked for an insurance company in Albany, NY. It’s official HQ address was 1 WTC. Had a few hundred working in 1 WTC. Albany and the folks in NYC would have conference calls several times a week. On 9/11 folks in Albany came running out of the conference room saying 1 WTC was hit by an airplane. We had no televisions at the office, and smart phones didn’t exist yet. Months later the survivors came and worked with us in Albany. They told us stories about how they could see bodies on the roof of the Marriott and headed for the stairwells. Security was telling them to stay put. They didn’t listen, and all but 11 made it down the 80+ flights. One of them told me about how he could smell and hear fuel flowing down the elevator shafts, near where he once sat.

  5. 9-11-2001 – Some people did something in NY.

    11-08-2018 – Some people did something in Minnesota and Michigan.

  6. Right on, Larrythe Liberal!
    Now is the day to post Donald Trump giving his expert opinion on the WTC towers destruction the very day it occurred. A real video exists and is a brutal clip of truth. Only liars won’t acknowledge truth. Watch before YTube deletes it.

    Today it is posted here while it lasts.
    Sep 11

  7. …I was at work at a food processing plant that made MREs. The plant had been built for Desert Shield by a different company and abandoned when Iraq lost Kuwait very quickly, and we took it over.

    I had a pager at the time, that was pretty high-tech then. I got the news of the first strike on my pager in the form of “SMALL PLANE HIT WORLD TRADE CENTER”.

    As the news came in, people started rotating in and out of the break rooms to watch whatever they could. In our position, it was very relevant. Management took the hint and got together with us about current and surge capabilities.

    We had plans for a military surge by sunset.

    And we needed it within the week.

    Everyone KNEW it was war after the second plane. Everyone was READY for war after the second plane.

    I was involved from here and from my firefighter friends. We had a local contingent of firemen jump in a pickup and go to NYC that day with turnouts and tools in hand, that helped in the SAR efforts at Ground Zero.

    I do not forget.

    But as for the Nation?

    Well, we elected a Muslim as President while STILL fighting the Muslims who ATTACKED US. THAT went about as well as you’d expect.

    Offhand, I’d say the NATION forgot.

    But we should REMIND them. Today of ALL days.

    …and, let’s talk about that 2012 version while we’re at it. Preferably with Hillary, in open court.

    THAT would be the way to remember ALL the 9/11s, and at least START to right the wrongs…

    Never forget. Even if the media tells you everyone ELSE did.

    ESPECIALLY if the media tells you everyone ELSE did…

  8. How many people on these threads of 911 realize that the official narrative is false? There is so much evidence that it didn’t happen the way our overlords say it happened that if you still believe it I don’t even know what to say. Break your chains And wake up

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