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Imagine being married to that chick?

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  1. People are just insufferable anymore. Makes me mad that there’s even a possibility that I have to be exposed to this kind of idiocy in what should be my peaceful retirement years.

  2. Irrational.
    If she’s vaccinated it makes no difference whether he is or not.
    She’s insane. Should be sent to the nervous hospital.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Pray for these people. Because it’s them who suffer the most, if you think about it. She’s gonna have to snap out of it or ask for help because her problems are far beyond avoiding the flu.

  4. There isn’t enough alcohol in the world.

    No, I am not threatening your life, Karen, but you are preventing 200 people from traveling.

  5. And if you think I am going to carry a piece of paper that says I have been vaccinated, you are just as insane as this video makes you appear.

  6. Go ahead, throw a tantrum and see where that gets you…

    So, she threw a tantrum and she saw where it got her. 🙂

  7. That miserable bitch wouldn’t be breathing his oxygen, she would be breathing his carbon dioxide. That should really irritate her.

  8. Where’s her double mask if she’s so worried?
    In the next couple of years these people are going to have massive breakdowns.
    Worse than this tantrum.

  9. Scripted. There were breaks in the video ever 5 seconds or so.
    If that was real there would have been fists flying within 30 seconds.

  10. I think I would tell her. “You know, I’m sure society would be much better off if your irrational, histrionic, hysterical self did catch Covid and trigerred a fatal asthma attack. It would be for the greater good”

    Now sit down

  11. When you find someone who would marry that Nutter let me know.

    Please exit the aircraft.
    We’re leaving the Nutter behind.

  12. BTW, where is her mask? I am 90% agreeing with Jethro. The crew member saying we are not discriminating between vaccinated or not vaccinated makes me lean towards it being a setup.

  13. Absolutely think it is fake. The pilot is just too smarmy and perfect for this to be anything but an airline commercial.

    But went to a restaurant yesterday that was over packed and didn’t feel in danger even tho no masks or social distances were imposed.

    FJB. Let’s go Brandon!!!

  14. Is this an airline training video? In a real Covid lunatic tirade drama, cursing, spitting, yelling, screaming, hair pulling and lots of duct tape for restraint would be involved. It wouldn’t be as orchestrated as this video.


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