Imagine If The FBI Had Targeted Obama…

It isn’t hard to do. Heaven knows all the vulnerabilities candidate Obama hid from the public when he first ran for office.
What if the deep state in general and the FBI in particular had panicked at the notion of an Obama presidency and had decided to target the freshman senator from Illinois?

Victor Davis Hanson’s latest column does the thought experiment. The truths exposed are nothing democrats would ever stand for if the shoe had been on the other foot. More 

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  1. The truths exposed are nothing democrats would ever stand for if the shoe had been on the other foot.

    I’m not going to waste any “imagining” there is “an other” foot.

  2. Actually, the FBI did investigate Obama, but the investigation was the prototype for their investigation of Hillary.

  3. I’m getting old and forgetful now, so would someone please remind me of all the times average people have put their safety, and even their very lives, at risk for simply supporting the President in a public place?

    I’m sure there are many examples in our history, probably recent ones, I just can’t seem to remember them.

  4. That’s why the FBI and the DOJ need to be purged thoroughly. If not the next time will be right around the corner. Too bad no one on the inside, and most of the media is not up to the cleaning.

  5. They knew everything about Barack Obama,as well as John McCain. That was the point of it being whitewashed, because blackmail is better than bribing.

    They don’t have anything on Trump, thus the fishing expedition to dig up dirt for control purposes.

    I believe being compromised is a prerequisite in order to join the Big Club, and that is why Trump isn’t in it.

  6. Snorting coke off male hooker’s butts at Man’s Country?!

    NEVER shoulda made it out of the IA primary… 😡

  7. That at least half our gubermint isn’t going ballistic over the fraud, murders and obvious treason perpetrated over the last 30 years by those in Office, (from the highest office down), tells anyone with a pulse and even a little flutter on their EEG that the US government is putrid roadkill bloated for days in the sun.

    That they would foist a bastard faggot and his obviously male linebacker ‘wife’ into the WH is just to send the message that they consider us serfs powerless to object even if we had the gumption to try.

    A big FU right back at you, decadent, Hell-bound Swamp™! All the lives of good people worldwide (and especially the Americans) that you’ve taken for giggles will cost you an eternity of damnation.

  8. This problem exploded under GWB, Carl Rove and all the decent honest Americans after the 2000 election.
    We thought that taking the high road and playing by the Marquess of Queensberry rules we could put the USA back on track.
    How naive.
    GWB should have purged the DOJ, FBI, State Dept….. Everything like the pervert BJ Clinton did to the AG’s offices in 1993. BJ and Cankles cleaned out all legal opposition.
    The real anti American rot in ALL of the Federal Government went asymptotic during the clinton crime family administration.
    We have been playing WTF? ever since.
    TWA 800, 911 nobody fired, Sandy Burger stealing archived documents and not being hanged for treason, Scooter Libby being railroaded, ENRON convictions and then reversals.
    Something is wrong here.
    I was working 70 hour weeks at the time and thought “this doesn’t make sense”.
    But I thought honest adults were handling the situation.
    The democrats have politicized and destroyed everything.
    And it continues…….

  9. @Tsunami, will our grandkids appreciate the insulting anguish of our life trapped in Sodom?

    And if, Lerner/obama/Clintons/Holder/etc/etc/etc live many (more) decadent years of glorious defiance before they are ever brought to Justice, didn’t they “win”?

  10. Because I’m 11th Gen Cal on Mom’s side and 4th on Dad’s side I love VDH. His family was here before Mexifornia – when the Kern Valley was not the SJ Valley. Before HST!
    He loves Cal as do I!

  11. I can’t run the Hanson article, so if i repeat him, pls forgive…(error 524)

    Dems are always saying that something Trump does is a impeachable offense.

    How many impeachable, treasonable offenses did obama get away with while the Dems just applauded and cheered him on?

  12. @TSUNAMI January 21, 2019 at 4:46 pm

    > What if I suggested that the FBI IS investigating Obama and clan along with the military?

    The FBI and military that stood down for him? Or The FBI and military that signed up for him?


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