Imagine There’s No IRS


Imagine There’s No IRS: Restoring the Constitution in the Wake of the 16th Amendment.

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  1. The IRS can be as good or bad as the US president running it and the Congress overseeing it.

    When the horror of scum like obama gets in charge, the IRS gets weaponized against us, just like the FBI and CIA were.

    Look, obama armed the Department of Education with machine guns. Who’d ever thought?

    It’s all about who is in charge.

  2. @Anonymous April 20, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    > It’s all about who is in charge.

    Because after you’ve hired an army of gang bangers, having the “new boss” say “Be excellent to each other” really changes things. Really.

  3. In ’76 I was an unashamed supporter of the man who promised to abolish the Tax code, abolish the IRS (“maybe some of them will get jobs helping America instead of hurting us.”). He saiid he would cut the govt in half with ZERO BASED BUDGETING! I wqs the only OPEN supporter of this Pnut broker’s son on “Mahogany row”
    When he got elected, in ’77 the CEO sent me to 2 seminars on “0 Based Budgeting”. 1st one was great got to buy dozens of drinks n an expense account. 2nd one and my “good Angel said this is wrong!” they were just “compassionate Conservative dog + pony shows” Frauds! So when I got back I said, “Lloyd, I admit Carter lied, and fooled me (like another immoral President with “Read my lips!”). Pleas do not sent me to any more 0 Based Budgeting seminars. I made a mistake, I admit I was a fol. Please.”.

  4. How about if every adult citizen pays just one federal tax, say $5000 annually. That’s it.

    Everyone is treated exactly equally and fairly. Make the Democrats argue against that.

    Don’t pay it and you don’t get to vote, you do not get to send your kids to public school, you do not get any government programs, and so on.

  5. Will somebody PULEEEEEZE tell these guys to find another visual scheme for their youtubes. Their incompatible facial expressions all forward just doesn’t work, is distracting and off-putting.

  6. Taxes on income are immoral.
    That’s why the Founders specifically excluded them.
    Taxes on income is a socialist invention to punish those who work, invent, innovate, invest, and earn in order to distribute it to those who don’t – taking a deep cut for themselves in the process. It was sold as a lie. And the “progressives” (read: Wilsonian Socialists) sold the lie with the complicity of the media and the “ruling” classes.

    Divide the “budget” into 435 equal parts and bill each District accordingly.
    You’d hear a hue and cry that would be deafening.
    The negroes would demand that gerrymandering into “negro” districts be stopped.
    There would be cries for cutting spending from more than half the Districts.
    The FedGov would begin to contract into the bounds of the Constitution.

    Yeah, I know – wish in one hand and ____ in the other.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. 1913+16+17=404
    The 16th and 17th amendments were adopted in 1913 and sure as hell did not produce the desired result.

    The 16th amendment opened the door for the IRS and a tax code that has grown from the original 400 page legal information service to a 73,954 page, 25-volume federal tax law.

    Instead of funding the government, it has become a guessing game as follows:

    Gov’t: You owe us money. It’s called taxes.

    Me: How much do I owe?

    Gov’t: You have to figure that out.

    Me: I just pay what I want to pay?

    Gov’t: No, we know exactly how much you owe. But you have to guess that number.

    Me: What if I guess wrong?

    Gov’t: You go to jail…

  8. “… sure as hell did not produce the desired result.”

    Yes, it did. Oppression, Repression, and unlimited snooping into every citizens’ private affairs and sentencing on the basis of Administrative Rule rather than Criminal Law – you have no Bill of Rights protections against the IRS.

    Straight out of Lenin’s Cheka and Hitler’s Gestapo (well, more precisely, both the Cheka and the Gestapo were based on the IRS – extra-legal agencies whose rulings aren’t subject to appeal).

    izlamo delenda est …

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