IMF Director Cites “law of unintended consequences” to Explain Away Massive Surge of Inflation – IOTW Report

IMF Director Cites “law of unintended consequences” to Explain Away Massive Surge of Inflation


It’s not exactly a confidence builder when the Director of the International Monetary Fund answers the question about forward priorities by saying, “Perhaps we need to pay attention to the law of unintended consequences.”  You had one job Kristalina, one job.

During an International Monetary Fund (IMF) spring debate and discussion segment, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, outlined her perspective against the backdrop of massive inflation caused by the global financial institutions telling government to spend money and they will print it, during COVID. More

18 Comments on IMF Director Cites “law of unintended consequences” to Explain Away Massive Surge of Inflation

  1. What she really meant to say was, “Our intention was to make billions of people dependent on govt by giving them free money, and that worked just fine: we’ve never had so many subjects/slaves. We knew that this extreme volume of monetary inflation would soon result in a ‘massive surge’ of price inflation but that was not our specific intent.”

  2. “It’s about time Brad opened up a can…”

    I’m about ready to open up your can if you post under my name again pussy. That’s beyond chicken shit. Go sober up.

  3. In fiscal matters, just as in politics, there are NO

    “unintended” consequences,
    or coincidences.

    These are conscious decisions, deliberate manipulations, with predictable results.
    There are, however, hidden agendas – which are NOT the same things as “unintended” consequences.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. The only unintended consequence is that the great reset was a great flop.
    They still can’t grab control of the middle class.

  5. I think all or most of this crap is on purpose, but on the other hand, leftists have always really impressed me at the lack of thought that goes into any of their plans. They’ll come up with some lame ass plan that can’t possibly work, then when it blows up in their faces, they blame everyone but themselves for their failure. That’s why all of their crap always fails. Their motto seems to be full speed ahead, reality be damned.

  6. Sorry, nothing unintended about it.
    Their agenda is the destruction of Western Civilization – nothing less.
    The sooner we embrace that simple fact – the sooner we can rid ourselves of the vermin.
    Unbalance, atomize, destabilize, divide and conquer – it’s a tried and extraordinarily successful ploy.

    And the sheep fall for it nearly every time.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. You mean the unintended consequences of letting DNC photocopiers manufacture 81 million fictitious votes?!

  8. The names – not the faces- in his pic are all open borders, NWO liberals. Liberals lie.

    As I said here a few days back Yellen has grad degrees in Econ (mine is just BA). Powell is one of Don’s big mistakes. A lawyer who has been a “Bush Republican” for decades. Both are Marxists.

    So Yellen had 2 reasons to know that the expansionist fiscal policy would make high inflation.
    Macroeconomist teaches that expanding government causes purchasing power to decline; in lay terms INFLATION.
    2. Marxist Economics says the value of a dollar is how much work a laborer has to do to get it. When you can get several $thousand for just signing your name a few times MARXISTS say the $ is almost worthless. Again in lay terms INFLATION!

    Powell, being a “Bush Republican” is a marxist so he knew 8 months ago that the “Stimulus checks” would devalue the $. He probably never took an advanced macro course so may, or may not, have known that expanding government leads to inflation. His lack of education in either business or Economics is reason #2 Don should never have made him Chair!
    Reason #1 is he I a Marxist “Bush Republican”

    Both lied for months about “transitory” inflation. Both knew 10 months ago inflation would be a problem for a long time!

    “Whoops” is almost as big a lie as “compassionate conservative”!

    As another man with a BA in Econ pointed out many times between 1947 and 1981; inflation hurts Lower and middle class workers the most! I voted for this man 9 times!

    Many of those hurt by inflation vote. The gigantic degradation of lower and middle class workers’s living standard is making them want to “vote the bums out!”! This is why Powell is thinking about doing what he should have done 10 months ago. And because he is “way behind the curve” he has to take bigger steps than he would have last June!

    The giant reduction li living standard for the “non elite” is likely to lead to voters making change! The only things likely to hold the change back are: MITCH and KEV!

  9. Wrong… It’s the Law of Totally Fucking Planned & Intended Consequences going on here.

    “You will own nothing and [we will] be happy.”

    – Fascist Kraut Faggot WEF Motherfuckers

  10. Why isn’t this pussy home making sammichs for the kiddies and not incompetently messing in adult affairs?

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