Immigrant activists stage blockade to stop deportations

WT: Immigrant-rights activists attempted to block the road to federal immigration agents’ headquarters in Atlanta on Monday, demanding President Obama stop deporting any more illegal immigrants after last week’s Supreme Court stalemate.

Led by the Not1More campaign, which webcast the protest, the demonstrators called Mr. Obama to hamstring U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the deportation agency, saying it’s up to the administration to protect illegal immigrants now.

“We are defending the security and stability of our families, sending a direct message to the Obama Administration,” said Carlos Medina, a member of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights. “We know that he has the ability to stop deportations at any given time. Our fight will not stop.”

The Supreme Court issued a tie ruling last week that left in place a lower court’s injunction blocking Mr. Obama’s broad amnesty program, which would have granted tentative legal status and work permits to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants.

Mr. Obama says his hands are now tied, and he won’t try any more executive actions.

But activists say he could do more — including stopping all deportations.  MORE

7 Comments on Immigrant activists stage blockade to stop deportations

  1. It’s not deportation, it’s a free trip to the country of your choice.
    Notice I said ‘to’ the country of your choice, it’s not a round-trip.

  2. Oh, what a TRE (Target Rich Environment). All those illegals, just BEGGING to be exposed, publicized, their pictures plastered all over everywhere. And then waiting to be plucked and deported once Trump is sworn in.

    The Stoopid is strong with these ones. Instead of staying in “the shadows”, and continuing to suck off the public tax teat, they just HAD to bitch and moan and make themselves known.

  3. What part of “illegal” do you not understand, pendejo?
    I know that if I were to try the same shit as you’re doing, over in your native lands, I’d be under the jail SO fast, it would take me a week to catch my breath. And a month to even see an official, ANY official.

  4. I like the campaign name. We should hi-jack it. Not1More Illegal! Not1More Democrat! Not1More Gun Law!

  5. Someone should be taking photos of every single one of these criminals, including their spawn, so when we once again have a real president they can all be quickly identified for deportation post-haste, forthwith, tout-suite, and immediately.

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