Immigration Judges Dispatched to 12 U.S. Cities to Speed Deportations

Breitbart: A phalanx of immigration judges will be temporarily re-assigned to 12 U.S. cities to help speed deportations of illegal aliens, the U.S. Department of Justice confirmed on Friday.

The full plan of the reassignments is still in the works, and the DOJ is looking for volunteers among immigration judges before going forward, according to Reuters.

Cities the DOJ want to staff up includes New York; Los Angeles; Miami; New Orleans; San Francisco; Baltimore, Bloomington, Minnesota; El Paso, Texas; Harlingen, Texas; Imperial, California; Omaha, Nebraska, and Phoenix, Arizona, the news service says.

This isn’t the first move to beef up immigration judge staff. Early in March the Trump administration also began sending judges to immigrant detention centers to speed up services.  READ MORE

12 Comments on Immigration Judges Dispatched to 12 U.S. Cities to Speed Deportations

  1. I say to the 31 countries who won’t take back their criminal illegal aliens: “On some dark, dark night, it’s gonna be raining criminal illegals. Hell, if we’re feeling charitable, we might even give ’em parachutes!”

  2. And then have ICE agents standing by in the other sanctuary cities to catch the rat bastards when they flee the 12 on the list. This should be fun.

  3. every time I see a picture of that wall, I ask myself why the hell didn’t the Gummint design and build a wall that uses the same design characteristics of the Berlin Wall? If I recall, the top was wide and curved so that grappling hooks couldnt take hold. The East German krauts were great at keeping their people in – let’s use their expertise to keep undesirables OUT.

  4. when I say wide and curved, imagine the top of a lower-case “f” letter.

    USA side – f – Mexico side


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