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Impeachment: An Obituary

Techno Fog

House Democrats end with a whimper.

With a 57-43 Senate impeachment trial vote, the House Democrats failed to convict Donald Trump. A result that was guaranteed at the start of all of this. The end of a political trial that failed to cite to a single statutory violation (those “high crimes or misdemeanors”) and presided over by a Democrat who voted to convict.

A Third Act: The House Democrats Cave

House Democrats opened the impeachment trial with charges that Trump “incited a violent insurrection” and accusations that Trump had “blood on his hands.” This was, according to Representative Ted Lieu and others, “one of the darkest chapters in United States history.”

An “insurrection” so serious that House Democrats demanded they be allowed to call witnesses at the trial. The Senate approved this request 55-45. An “insurrection” so threatening to our democracy that House Democrats suddenly changed their minds and decided not to call witnesses. They received all the power they requested and didn’t want it after all. They got to their destination, didn’t like the view, and turned around and drove home. Remarkable. read more

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  1. Well, now the House Progs have two “Fake Impeachments” against President Trump shoved up their asses. Question is, will they try again and collect that “Third Strike”?

  2. “Progs have two “Fake Impeachments” against President Trump shoved up their asses”
    and they’re really liking how it feels.



  4. The montage spells it out very clearly. They hate, hate, hate. Pray for them everyday. It’s the only way. Their hate can’t turn into our hate. Doesn’t help and we all must find peace. It’s the only way to enjoy what we have. Anger isn’t the answer.

    OK, I’ll shut up. I know how upset we all are. Keep the faith and know how important praying is.

    God Bless us all!!

  5. Dems: “Let’s call witnesses”.

    Trump’s Team: “O.K. We’ll subpoena Pelosi”.

    Dems: “Nevermind, time for a vote”.

  6. I read the Trump Teem had 301 witnesses. The Dems probably had 12 well paid professional liars. They seem to be easy yo come by. Plus we found 7 true RINO’s. They’re getting smoked out of their hidy holes.

  7. We have no need for a Congress anymore. The Fake Dictator in Chief is just legislating by executive fiat.

    The dems will have to find another sham something to keep busy!

  8. Our congress has devolved into a “den of vipers” quoting John the Baptist. Their evil hearts are so full of greed and hate they cannot govern the affairs o this nation. That fence around the capitol needs to be the chain of custody for these illegal aliens, for they have announced by their actions, that they no longer support the Constitution, and are bent of destroying it. Therefore, they need to be tried and convicted of treason, and dealt with appropriately forthwith!

  9. What exactly are the Democrats upset about? Trump was found innocent. What do they have against an innocent man?

    If this isn’t a window into the wickedness of their very soul, what pray tell is?

  10. Show of hands:

    How many were disappointed when the cop in the Capitol got Romney to turn around and escape the rush coming at him?

  11. I like the old Roman days, where the losers who didn’t commit suicide, were doused in turpentine and set ablaze in Nero’s garden. >:->

  12. Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

    Please stop asking me to form an opinion around your hallucination that someone “incited an insurrection.” That only happened in your imagination and was created by the Fake News Industry. I don’t form policy opinions around the hallucinations of strangers

  13. @CHINKney Booth – GO FUCK YOURSELF. But not before you first eat a germ warfare infected bat from the Chink Wuhan Germ Warfare Lab.

  14. long past time to start the recall proceedings for the corrupt political class
    don’t wait for the next stolen election
    throw them out now

  15. This has zero to do with Trump it all revolves around anyone who gets in the way of their power, money and control addiction. The name of their victim could be any name of anyone they see as a threat. If John Doe gets in their way, he’s be shamed and spit on as well. They must gain and maintain control at all cost.

  16. @Angela

    I know you are right. Yesterday I said I hated them in return for their hatred for us. My hate will only make me feel worse.

    So I’ll be trying not to hate.

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