Impeachment backlash fuels record GOP fundraising, massive $61M in bank

WaEx: The Republican National Committee fundraising juggernaut, fueled by a GOP backlash to the House impeachment effort to force President Trump from office, scored another record in October and pushed the bank account past $61 million.

The debt-free RNC told Secrets exclusively that it brought in $25.3 million in October and has $61.4 million cash on hand.

For perspective, that is nearly triple what it raised in October 2017, the last nonelection October, and the money on hand is the most since 2012. more here

SNIP: Did you catch that? “Debt-Free RNC…”
How is the DNC doing?

8 Comments on Impeachment backlash fuels record GOP fundraising, massive $61M in bank

  1. NO MORE DONATIONS TO THE RNC UNTIL THIS IMPEACHMENT ISSUE IS DECIDED ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! Make all donations to Donald Trump ReElection Campaign, what ever it’s called. Who could possibly trust the rinos to help Trump?

  2. joe6, No donations to the RNC period. Fund the individual not the party. The party is not your friend. The party would sell us out to mitt romney or some other crapweasel.

  3. There are 600 billionaires in America. All but a few will gladly give the communists $60 million dollars. At the same time, the demo commies are bad mouthing wealth and success. Demo commies promise to confiscate rich people’s money and rich people still support demo commies.

  4. They might have $61M in the bank, but not one penny of it is from me. I only donate to candidates, with PDJT at the top of the list. I’m with Anonymous.

  5. Some of the ways the elites might cull the population is by promoting abortion, birth control, sterilization, homosexuality, epidemics, drug use, opening concentration camps, funneling the 99% into the cities and then cutting off the food supply, killing family farms with trade wars and debt, ending Obamacare, and starting WWIII.

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