Important Qualities For Success Lacking On Today’s Campus

A recent study of 600 millionaires identified two key characteristics that were critical to the financial success of those interviewed.

1.) Resiliency

2.) Persistence


Our college campuses however emphasizes completely different qualities in the minds they are shaping for the future.

1.)“What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker,” or the idea that exposure to offensive or difficult ideas is traumatic.

2.) “Always trust your feelings,” or the notion that feeling upset by an idea is a reason to discount it.

3.) Us versus them,” or homogenous tribal thinking that leads people to shame those whose views fall outside that of their group.


This, according to two self identified liberals who have been examining free speech at the modern institution of higher learning. Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt wrote an article for the Atlantic titled, “The Coddling of the American Mind” which they followed up with a book last year. Here

Lukianoff and Haidt on BookTV Here

5 Comments on Important Qualities For Success Lacking On Today’s Campus

  1. Whatever happened to “bitch, bitch, bitch” until you GET what you wanted?! Sheesh… what a way to run a university! 🙄

  2. Never forgetting and never forgiving is a lousy way to live your life. Everything then becomes a grievance and an annoyance that can’t be resolved except by revenge and tearing everything down in order to get even. I choose not to live my life that way, there is no peace, let alone grace or mercy in living your life that way.

  3. It is an intense and almost spiritual American-like feeling when going against all odds, working and paying for one’s own education. And, knowing and living and working amongst all Americans everywhere is what gave me the desire to strive on through two lifelong businesses (one, Corporate), which gave me the impetus to get old comfortably and affordably amongst my most beautiful fellow Americans. I pray that 2019 will be Blessed for all of US.

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