Important: Stop what you’re doing – watch this video- and share this link

This video details how a think tank laid out a more controlled world via deliberate pandemic. This journalist sounds like he was talking yesterday. Chilling.

“If you think you can give up a little freedom for security, you’re going to get neither.”

UPDATE – Link to Rockefeller Report. (thank you Plain Jane and Nebraska Filly at

Additional Material via Plain Jane also

Victurus Libertas-

This video of Harry Vox originally aired in New York City on October 21st 2014. This is an important detail that should not be overlooked, it shows that this plan has been in operation since that time. Note Victurus Libertas is under severe and heavy censorship, my downloader could not even find this video, and when it eventually did, all that is available is the audio track. “They” do NOT want this video circulated…. It first re-aired here about a month ago, hidden amongst the pet videos…

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  1. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this has been planned for a long time (for those who somehow missed the planning stage which was not a hidden thing).

    Do people actually think a worldwide fear based response was not well organized and that degree of organization would not take years to arrange?

    This is just the opening phase, those who don’t realize this already are going to be absolutely mind boggled in the near future as further moves are made to institute the whole plan.

    If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, open them and become aware of what is going on around you. k

  2. This scam is only effective if your President is stupid enough to listen to Soros backed, Gates eugenicists like Fauci and Birx and then voluntarily tank the world’s most powerful economy. Sorry Donnie, you F’d up……bad!
    And, by the way, when you see the word “eugenicist”, think Master Race, and remember how that has ALWAYS turned out.

  3. Tinkle tinkle plinka plink tink tinkle jingle “We’re all in this together” jingle tinka plinka plink pink “We wrote the copy for these insipid ads years ago, suckers.” tinka plinka plink……

  4. Like I’ve said before, I’m afraid of what these assholes will do when they get truly desperate.


    They’ve been desperate. But now some of them will face prosecution. Which takes things to a new level. Buy ammo and keep training.

  6. The conspiracy has been known to many for decades. We were ridiculed for years starting with the John Birch Society. Now it is so much out in the open that one has to be unconscious not to see it. Mass disobedience is the first action to take. Ebola? You who live in the cities are in the most danger.

  7. many health research agencies own viruses and bacteria. They’re registered so you have to come to them for research and they know where the products are at any given moment.

    But the rest of it isn’t surprising. They’re always ‘planning’ in case shit happens. The problem is it depends on what plan and who is in control of it at the moment. Creepy shit.

    Yes, the kung flu is a bad flu. But I’m not going to wear a mask or gloves or wash myself down with bon ami and everclear. People are not dropping in the streets, twitching and bleeding from every orifice.
    This mask and gloves drama shit only works on the weak and emotionally damaged.

  8. The only advice I can give the non-political people is – remember how pissed off you are right now. And hold on to it, remember and research politicians before you vote. Especially the mayors and your governors.
    Because while we never had a nation-wide lockdown, some of you are under lockdowns to an extreme extent.

  9. I’m not sure of the validity of this, but IG is full of warnings that the new update for your I phone facilitates some sort of tracking software for the cdc. If I can find it I’ll link it.

  10. Look, this happened after Pearl Harbor. But we had no deep state. Communists were universally hated. (Excpet by the ny times, who operated as stalin’s PR company). Civil servants were paid low wages in exchange for job security and pensions – now they make crazy money, and siphon a lot of it back to the democrat party. Students were patriotic. In other words, we could trust our government, schools, young people, most of the press outside of ny, etc. It’s all been corrupted now.
    We need to fight our way out.
    In light of this video, bill gates is the new devil.

  11. TY Sir Hat. I just posted it at two websites and sent it out to the choir. Wish I had been able to have a way to get the sheeple to see it.

  12. While traveling the state surprising me is Iowa. Restaurants still shut down, gas stations with limited number of people, masks everywhere.

  13. Great work P.J. Downloaded. I’ll be distributing the hell out of all of this. It’s a real Tin Foil Hat destroyer

  14. They are NOT “easy to beat” because we foolishly keep reelecting incumbents, who then stay in Washington 30+ years.

  15. Read Behold a Pale Horse by Cooper
    They have been working toward this since the fifties.
    Corona was the test run.
    The next one will be bad.
    The reason the elites like the Chinese Model is because it allows control.
    The Elites are going to crash this thing called Civilization. Too many mouths to feed and too many religions usurping fealty to the State.
    Look at the Georgia Guidestones, paid for by a shell, within a shell owned by a guy named R.C. Christian (I posit: Illuminati)

  16. Remember, remember this shit in November
    The covidiot treason and plot
    I see no reason why the covidiot treason
    Should ever be forgot

  17. If there are so few, then we are obligated to hunt them down and shoot them dead. They are the enemy of all people. Voting doesn’t make the difference any more.

  18. @LCD –

    Rockefeller Report: (I read this report a couple of weeks ago actually, when I saw it elsewhere)

    Ebola Patent:


    I had the first one and had to look up the second two…

    Here is another good ditty, HR 6666:



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