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Imposters Among Us That President Trump Needs to Sack

Ally or Foe? True or False? Narrative or True Story? Liabilities are Insurance. It’s 2023 and you would think transparency in the Age of Information would be easy, but it is not. In fact, there is information congestion and over 90% of it is “paid placement” aka propaganda or an Influence operation by your own government or other governments. It feels like a Real Live Game of Among Us when it comes to politics and media.

This series “AMONG US” will focus on how confusion arises and what INSURANCE really means while exposing those closest to President Trump and how they positioned themselves to take him and America down.

Many have the attention span of a fish and do not read any more so for the lazy readers – BORIS EPSHTEYN is a liability to President Trump and has been actively covertly impeding on everything President Trump has been trying to do to fix the issues we have in our nation and even on fixing 2020. For those that read substantiation follows.

In short, Boris is in President Trump’s circle for the enjoyment of two agencies – MOSSAD and CIA. That is why Boris had 4 criminal counts “dropped /dismissed” with fines and DISAPPEARED on the system even though he was a repeat offender in the same state. #CabalPass. MORE

9 Comments on Imposters Among Us That President Trump Needs to Sack

  1. I hate RINO’s more than democRATS. At least the D’Rats are up front about hating America…the Fukin’ RINO’s try to hide that fact from the voters!

  2. At one particular point in our history on this land, we found ourselves so beset with unbearable men and their lust for control we had to shoot them.

    That worked out OK for quite some time.

    Those men are back.

  3. Not surprised, but disappointed. Bannon use to have him on, a lot. Not so much lately.

    Who can be trusted anymore? They all seem to fall, eventually. Most democrats remain consistently their terrible selves.

    Donald Trump and his family are about all I give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Rudy Guliani. Not even Harmeet Dhillion after CTH’s pieces on her lately.

  4. I supported Trump up until the vaccine. Stepped back and didn’t say much until people started to drop dead. Been watching everyone whose a leader and calls themselves Republican. I have no use for any of them – none. Trust no one. Embracing gay marriage is another good reason to diss the man.

  5. So many players. You can certainly see why DJT was taken advantage of his first term and cheated out of his second. I hope to God he runs again and gets elected. The dudes a quick study. Name one other person that is qualified to take on the swamp right now as DJT. Goldenfoxx, I’ll wait. Poor judgement. Adolescent judgement. I’d pay to see Trump 2024, the revenge tour. But quite honestly, I don’t think he will ultimately run. Our loss.


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