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Imran Awan’s Own Wife Accuses Him Of Fraud

DC: The indicted husband-and-wife team of former IT aides to Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz sat directly across from each other at the defendants’ table in federal court Friday in Washington, D.C., but refused to look at each other.

Even as they are co-defendants in a U.S. case, Imran Awan’s own wife, Hina Alvi, has become the latest person to accuse him of fraud, filing papers against him in Pakistani court, according to Pakistani news channel ARY.

The couple were in U.S. court to face bank fraud charges related to sending money to Pakistan around the time they learned they were under investigation for abuses related to their work managing IT for members of Congress. Awan was arrested at Dulles Airport in July attempting to board a flight to Pakistan.

Wasserman Schultz, former chair of the Democratic National Committee, and other House Democrats have vigorously defended Awan, claiming the Capitol Police might be drumming up charges out of Islamaphobia.


Alvi was arraigned Friday on four felony counts, and Awan, who has already been arraigned, requested that his GPS monitoring bracelet be taken off — citing the fact that his wife was in America as the reason he was not a flight risk.

Yet the couple entered and left the court separately, have different lawyers, and Awan’s lawyer told the judge that the husband and wife are staying “in a one-bedroom apartment and then also a house.”

Pakistani legal papers published by the news channel show Alvi recently accused Awan of illegally marrying another woman, and of fraud. “My husband Imran Awan son of Muhammad Ashraf Awan, committed fraud along with offence of polygamy,” she charges in the papers. more here

5 Comments on Imran Awan’s Own Wife Accuses Him Of Fraud

  1. Good! They are each separately
    scrabbling to stay out of jail.
    The prosecutors have easy meat
    and the trail leads right into
    the cold, Godless heart of the
    DNC and its commie operators.

  2. That guy really wants his ankle monitor removed. There must be something he desperately needs to retrieve and destroy out there. I would say grant his request and see where he goes, but if the FBI is handling surveillance, no freaking way.

  3. This guy has sucked up more info than a parched maxi- pad, it’s time we put the squeeze on him !!!

  4. Corrupt FBI’s likely take: No reasonable prosecutor would prosecute Imran Awan
    – They don’t want to expose the corruption rampant in the Democrat party

  5. I don’t believe the FBI is going to be able to sweep this one under the rug. There is too much recoverable data and the story has legs. The incompetence of the DNC is in full display as is their arrogance by defending these traitors. DWS cannot dig a hole deep enough to hide in. The wheels of justice turn very slowly but they do turn. Awan and his brothers will be nailed to the wall and god only knows how many congresscritters will be implicated in various wrong doings. Gotta buy more popcorn.

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