In a sane world, Brian Stelter would be the sandwich guy

Patriot Retort:

It never ceases to amaze me that an incompetent oaf like Brian Stelter is the “Chief Media Correspondent” for a cable news network. If CNN was an actual news organization, Brian wouldn’t have the skill set necessary to work in the mailroom.  Though he might be lucky enough to snag the coveted Sandwich Guy position.

Of course, if Brian was the sandwich guy, nobody would get their sandwiches because the gelatinous goober would eat them all before getting off the elevator.

So what was the decision-making process for handing him the position of “Chief Media Correspondent?” more

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  1. One day he was looking for some White-Out in the storage closet and walked in on his boss & the sandwich guy – THAT’S how he got there….

  2. In a same world CNN wouldn’t exist and nobody would have ever heard of Brian Stelter. He would just be an ignorable barista at a Starbucks.

    In a MORE sane world, Starbucks wouldn’t exist.
    But warfare is one battle at a time.

  3. It was his winning smile. Just kidding. Find a picture of him smiling. It’s scary.

    Forty years ago, when there were no PCs or Internet, Stelter would be the guy you always saw when you walked past the TV lounge in the dorm

    @frank poncherello

    He was born a Methodist, but I think he converted to Judaism when he married a Jewish gal. Yes, I already had wondered how in hell he got where he is.

  4. I can’t watch Selzter and keep a straight face – not since Mark Dice did an imitation of the asshole.

  5. That little weasel would give you balogna and cheese, look you in the eye and tell you it’s a Reuben.

  6. Stelter / Obama / Don Lemon – That is a sandwich I wish I had never pictured. Nightmares for the next year.


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