In Any Reasonable System of Law, Secretary of State Hillary Would Be in Jail.” – Newt Gingrich

24 Comments on In Any Reasonable System of Law, Secretary of State Hillary Would Be in Jail.” – Newt Gingrich

  1. Gee, Newt, where have you been? This is been going on for years, justice is only for us little fleas. Don’t get excited the fix for the upper class is in.

  2. They should lock them up immediately or release everyone else that has committed an equal or less crime…. with restitution!

  3. Depends on your value of “reasonable”, Newt. Comey said that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against her for her email shenanigans.

  4. We been waiting for a Clinton to go to jail for about 25 years. Not going to happen in my lifetime. Just like the autopsy that will prove that MOOCHELLE is a dude.

  5. I have given this a lot of thought and here is what is standing in the way of justice being served:

    The progressive movement has nothing to lose by this attack on our system so they really don’t care if our system is under attack UNLESS they think there is political hay to be made over it.

    Constitutional conservatives, on the other hand, know that any behavior such as this is an attack on our very form of government and would want the perpetrators to face very grave consequences for such treason.

    Here is where the problem lies: The Democratic Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the progressive movement as are the establishment Republicans. IMHO the establishment Republicans are the worst threat of the two, because they lie about who they are and a good part of the country is too Goddamned stupid and/or uninformed to know any better.

    So where does that leave us? What we have is Constitutional conservatives (a subset of Republicans) defending America and our system of government against the progressives (establishment Republicans & Democrats).

    When a Republican has been caught in scandal it is NOT establishment Republicans, who demand that they face consequences, it is the Constitutional conservatives within the Republican Party who force resignation and/or lead any move to prosecute them. Democrats are, of course, on board with this because they can make a big scene over it and prosper politicaly AS WELL AS make it LOOK LIKE they are defending our system of government.

    When Democrats are involved in something like this the Democrats are united in defending the perpetrators and establishment Republicans are either uninterested in doing something about it or are actively conspiring behind the scenes with their fellow progressive movement allies the Democrats.

    At this point it is only Constitutional conservatives who are interested in defending our form of government against the Democrats & the establishment Republicans who are progressive movement allies and are all for tearing down the checks and balances that stand in their way of fundamentally transforming our form of government.

  6. Don’t worry Newt soon this people are going to jail is some news evidence that shows that it was a meeting with Hussein, James comey, Susan rice that just came out.

  7. Newt seems like a fair weather friend. Now that we someone taking on the swamp here comes Newt wanting to play on the winning team.

  8. if our ‘justice system’ was reasonable Mary Surratt would have never have been hanged

    then again, there is no such thing as a ‘justice system’

  9. I was a Security Officer in the Navy, with all the training required to hold Top Secret and Cryptographic clearances.
    As a professional, I can assure you that EVERYTHING Hilary said about security was a LIE, and she damn well knew it, given her position.
    She said that no intention was alledged: intent has nothing to do with security breaches and is never mentioned in the laws or regulations.
    If there IS intent, it’s not a security violation… it’s espionage.
    She said emails were “not classified at the time” they came or went on her homebrew server. The sender of any letter, message, email or whatever is absolutely responsible for its proper classification, with penalties of impressive prison terms for failure to do so.
    So, it does not happen.
    There’s more, but you get the idea.

  10. When will the members of Congress realized they were elected to support the legal citizens of the United States and not the ILLEGAL citizens of Mexico that immigrated ILLEGALY into this country. These people are LAWBREAKERS and should be treated as what they are, criminals.

  11. Eventually the people will give up on the “system of law” and implement some systems of their own, if history is any guide.


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