In California, Restaurant Employees Face Jail Time for Handing Out Plastic Straws

KFI: The city of Santa Barbara unanimously passed an ordinance last Tuesday that gives restaurant employees six months of jail time or a $1,000 fine for giving plastic straws to customers.

The bill covers bars, restaurants, and other food-service businesses. Establishments can only hand out plastic stirrers per the customer’s request.

Santa Barbara has certainly taken the extreme on the plastic straw ban by also banning compostable straws that can be made of paper or bamboo and are biodegradable.

If you didn’t think the new law was extreme yet, each individual straw counts as a separate infraction which means that if an employee handed out straws to a table of more than one person, they could face years in prison.  more here

SNIP: What happens if you bring your own straws?

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  1. These stats are all over the place. However I’m sure the Cali stats are factual. In the month of June. 36,000 manufacturing jobs were added to the U.S. economy. In the last YEAR, California has gained 8,000 manufacturing jobs. I wonder why?

  2. Fookin’ squirrels…. I personally do not use straws, but I will defend to the death your right…. apologies to Voltaire (or whomever).
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. Yet you can toss your used hypodermic drug-laced needles into the sewer, onto the curb, in a stew-pot and that is just fine … their minds are gone.

  4. the socitards are becoming the absolute epitome’ of sanctimonious bullshit
    they really don’t have the guts to actually ban plastic straws outright … ‘oh yes, have one, if you wish’ … they going after some hapless service staff that only hopes for an extra 50 cents on their tip by actually giving their customers something w/out having to ask for it … what’s next? … napkins?
    did anyone think that if the customer didn’t want the straw in the first place, the customer didn’t have to use it & it could be given to the next customer? Jesus!
    gad, I loathe SJW’s

  5. Good thing Moonbeam is letting all those depraved, illegal, MS-13 drug dealing gang members, murderers, rapists, child molesters, and vicious cut throat psychopaths out of prison. Now there’s room for 16 year old McDonald employees who offered customers plastic straws.

  6. Uncle Al,

    Which brings us to the term limits in Kalifornia… They mint new pols rather quickly out there…


  7. judgeroy just gave me an idea … why not just put straw dispensers on the tables? customer want a plastic straw, customer gets a plastic straw … just like the law says
    cut out the ‘middle-culprit’ … so to say

    … balls in your court SJW’s …

  8. Washable metal straws? No thanks. I have a lovely metal cup from Costco (keeps ice cubes as cubes and drinks cold for **hours**, no kidding) that I use for water and my vice, iced tea (it’s unsweetened, but I know, the caffeine is what will get me). However, the straw that came with it gets clogged with bits of tea and I have to bleach it every couple of days, which is a major pain. Not really that bad, I suppose, but I’d rather be spending 20 minutes at the sink doing something besides turning a straw filled with bleach and water back and forth.

    Anyway, my point is that I wouldn’t want a straw where you couldn’t even see inside to be aware of what ikkies were gathering. Guess what I’ve used in place of the clear, hard plastic straws that came with my lovely cup when I didn’t feel like cleaning them? Plastic straws!!!!

  9. Lisl, get some PBW, just let it soak for a bit. Now be thankful you can enjoy 20 extra minutes every couple days. Maybe send me a card.

  10. “six months of jail time or a $1,000 fine for giving plastic straws to customers”.
    While the ignorant poeticisms pass out tens of thousands of plastic needled to the drug addicts.

  11. That’s the LAST STRAW! I’m building me an “Assault Straw” and then I’m gonna show ’em all what they can do with their stupid bans!

  12. I think I’ll send a truck load of straws to the dumb shits in Sacramento and Santa Barbara…..they can use them to suck the contents of my septic tank.

  13. The Mr.has to use a straw in a cup with a lid to drink now. GOD help the fucking moron that would give me shit over this.

  14. Straws are illegal and illegals should be financially compensated for their inconveniences. Only in California.

  15. Would it be illegal for a civic-minded individual to hand out straws to customers entering a restaurant?

  16. Soon we’ll see a report about the sudden uptick in cold sores and other diseases passed along in these straw-free areas because people were required to put their lips on glasses that were improperly cleaned.

  17. What is it with the lack of hygiene from these people. it is now ok to knowingly give HIV to someone, import millions of people with diseases that we previously eradicated, now try to extend further harm by removing a way to limit transmission of disease by removing straws and other plastics. Nuts they are

  18. Occasionally straws are medically necessary. But since restaurants don’t sterilize their cups and glasses, this has potential as a health threat. Also, in America, they usually pack restaurant beverages with ice. Good luck finishing that drink witbout getting a facefull (or shirtfull) of ice and freezing liquid.

  19. These politicians that sanctimoniously ban straws to “save the environment” are the exact same politicians that promote environmental disaster by supporting the homeless wandering the streets and crapping on the sidewalks.

  20. I don’t drink from a glass that I didn’t wash. (Fingers touching the rim of the glass. Ugh.) I always ask for straws. Also, wait staff need to be trained not to touch containers at the top. That’s what stems and mug handles are for.


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