In California’s war on Trump, everyone loses


For a state so enamored with passing laws, California can seem awfully lawless sometimes. Our progressive Legislature and elected leaders have decided to make political and litigious war on the duly elected president of the United States.

The Resistance is here!

Truth is, Donald Trump has driven them all a bit batty. Our legislators have become so unmoored that even Gov. Jerry Brown — who just the other week signed the self-destructive “sanctuary state” law — had to step in and veto legislation requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns. Brown said that as politically appealing as such a law might be, he was uncomfortable with California setting election policy for the country.

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8 Comments on In California’s war on Trump, everyone loses

  1. I want ICE to raid the state capital of California and sweep up all the illegals working there right in front of the legislature to let them know they have zero authority in this situation.

    Despite living in Kommiefornia, I want all funds cut off for this blatantly unConstitutional action of sanctuary status which usurps immigration authority from the federal government.

    Money talks and bullshit walks so California will come into line when the funds go bye-bye.

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