In Case You Were Concerned- California Politicians Are Getting a Substantial Pay Raise

Sac Bee-

Gov. Jerry Brown and state politicians will receive a 3 percent pay hike starting in December, their fifth raise in as many years as California’s budget picture continues to improve.

The raises, approved Monday by the California Citizens Compensation Commission, come on top the 4 percent salary increases that kicked in late last year. Brown’s pay will climb from $190,102 to $195,805, while rank-and-file lawmakers will go from $104,117 to $107,240.

Salaries for other statewide politicians like Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Treasurer John Chiang also will rise.

In addition to the salaries, California lawmakers also receive tax-free per diem payments for every day the Legislature is in session, compensation that during the 2015 legislative year averaged about $34,000 per legislator.


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13 Comments on In Case You Were Concerned- California Politicians Are Getting a Substantial Pay Raise

  1. I want to be a California Law Maker. You can give yourself a raise. Impose Taxes for one thing and then spend it on something else, pass anti constitutional laws on your subject that don’t apply to you. That Gigs better than a RAP star.

  2. the sacrifices of your betters have to be compensated

    … got a problem with that, worker #28472e349?

  3. Texas legislators get $16K/year. That’s including per diem when the legislature is in session for 140 days every 2 years. They seem to do a better for the state and at 8X less cost.

  4. Major…you don’t understand. The CA politicians have all that social justice work to be done…..and you need the best & brightest to pull it off.



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