In China: Churches demolished, Bibles burned

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Most Exalted President for Life Xi has begun to enact the classic communist policy of “No God Except the State” with a crackdown on churches nation wide.  Christian churches are being shut down, demolished, bibles are being burned and Christians being required to denounce their faith in order to remain in society.  Read about it here

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  1. It was simply a matter of time……
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. When it comes to America the American Christians won’t know what to do and it will get ugly. Too many of them will totally capitulate to their oppressors in the name of tolerance and love willingly being led like sheep to the slaughter. I will not, my trust is in God no matter what happens. I pray that it never happens but we’re long overdue for divine retribution because of our sins of unlimited abortion on demand and allowing homosexuality and every other freaky sexual perversion to become mainstream. We need another Great Awakening and President Trump may be like Esther (and other prophets) and have been made for such a time as this. God always confuses the smug with the opposite and Trump and the deplorables are absolutely driving them out of their minds. It’s going to get interesting God’s grace is still there for America but I don’t know how much longer it will last if we continue down the path to Avernus, not a good place.

  3. The Chinee are also burning mosks and putting mozlems in prison reindoctrination camps. They are killing mozlems that resist. Breaking the cult of Nazislam is a good thing. The Christians will survive underground. The cult wont. In the big picture thats at least a good thing.

  4. ^^ What he said.
    Also, it might be useful to examine the “Establishment” clause of the US Constitution and compare it to totalitarian states such as China and Russia, and the Moslem theocracies that are spreading these days in Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, Europe in general, and sadly, in America as well.

  5. China is accelerating what the American Left has been attempting and doing for decades. Socialists and communists have much in common.

    Wasn’t the DNC attempting to take God out of their democrat platform?
    Have the DNC attacked christians and their beliefs?
    Doesn’t it take a village to raise a child?
    Do your children belong to you or the State?
    Hasn’t public education become a leftist indoctrination center for social justice, acceptance of immoral acts, division and socialism?

    Not much difference between China’s actions and the democrats, one implements the same policies much faster than the other.

  6. I saw many mass graves of a lot of people that the Communist Chinese government decided weren’t towing the party line during my time as a photo interpreter with the USAF back in the seventies. If a group of people in some part of China resisted the party dictates, starvation was usually the method used to “reeducate” them. Food supplies and the means to grow their own were denied to them until they starved by the thousands or tens of thousands. The mass graves were unmistakable to the trained eye on satellite imagery. This is why the 2nd Amendment is so important, folks.

  7. And yet the globalist MBA set has zero problem partnering with the Chicom government, the biggest slave state in the history of the world, just to keep the next quarter’s numbers looking good.

  8. Socialism and Communism are virtually the same – just a matter of degrees.

    A socialist state sets up the ideology, methods of oppression such as; classification (identity politics), isolation and introduction of laws undermining the existing government.

    All this is done usually under a democratic or republic form of government. It takes some time, but eventually the culture is shifted to socialism. Some socialist laws are created but they don’t completely change the government in place – that’s where communism steps in.

    A commmunist state institutionalizes every socialist policy implimented through government. The existing government is overthrown and replaced by the death grip of communism propagated by socialist edicts.

    To further maintain control, resistance against communist regimes are discouraged by military action, disappearances, murder, tortures, mass starvations and other types of punishment.

    Communist China is just getting rid of opposition. Of all the ideologies that threaten communism, Christianity is most dangerous to a communist regime, because simply put, God is in control and people are individuals responsible for their own decisions.

  9. The political spectrum is commonly perceived as a linear scale with fascism on the far right and communism at the far left, free republics and constitutional monarchies approximately in the middle.

    It might be better visualized as a circle, the ends meet at a point which offers very little hope or freedom to the masses.
    Totalitarian dictatorships and state theocracies require considerable coercion, suppression of dissent, controlled elections, rewritten history, and control of education, press and church to thrive.

    Sound familiar?

  10. Communist and Nazi slave states do that. Hitler was hell bent of ridding Germany of Christianity after the war if it had gone in his favor.

    The leftists still insist that Christian conservative Americans are Nazis and Fascists. Leftists are very stupid people.


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