In Confirmation Hearings, Elena Kagan Stated “There Is No Federal Constitutional Right to Same-Sex Marriage”


Pictured – Elena Kagan

Senator John Cornyn: Do you believe that there is a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage?

Kagan: There is no federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

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24 Comments on In Confirmation Hearings, Elena Kagan Stated “There Is No Federal Constitutional Right to Same-Sex Marriage”

  1. Do these people understand that what they say is permanent nowadays? Unbelievably ballsy. Ugh.

    Btw, Is that sack of shit available for purchase?
    Just askin for a friend. At the post office.

  2. She Bill Clintoned everyone.
    Play back the tape and you can hear her mutter after her statement, under her tuna-breath, “yet.”

  3. If he were alive today, Darwin would find his head spinning from all of the “evolution” the Obongo administration and appointees have undergone in such a short period of time. [sarcasm intended]

  4. There STILL isn’t!

    This is “law” by diktat and is, thusly, not a “law” at all and should be ignored by the law-abiding.

    The Constitution (of the United States) doesn’t mention “marriage” at all, pervert marriage or otherwise.

    What abuse, what depravity, what obscenity will it take to make us Wake the Fuck Up and be rid of these troublesome prancing Praetors and their lick-spittles in Congress, the Media, and the White Hut?

  5. Whether or not there’s a federal constitutional right to SSM is now completely irrelevant. That’s because the SCROTUS has decreed that there is a Supreme Court right to SSM.

  6. of course if all the queers on the supreme court recused themselves for their obvious conflict of interest…

  7. Tim, I expect that the ignition point will be the first innocent gun owners being killed when a govt SWAT team raids them trying to confiscate their firearms.

  8. Just think, two men not gay or two women not gay can now legally get married and receive married benefits and tax credits or whatever.

    The institution and sacrement of Marriage is now a joke. The Extreme Court threw God under the bus. God is not pleased. God’s wrath is coming to America.

  9. A right only counts if it was endowed by the Creator.

    A right invented by the government? Not so much.

  10. Everyone is being fooled by the wizard behind the curtain. The big bad federal government is a big bloated illusion that can’t wipe its own ass let alone yours. Time to start to ignore it.

  11. It’s now also a handy way to avoid INHERITANCE TAX…as soon as incest/inbreeding is covered by this “decision”…and I see no reason why it shouldn’t fall under the same criteria.

  12. That bag ain’t big enough for her bullshit…
    Scuse me, cow shit!
    With “chips” that big that woman could fuel an open hearth furnace!
    FYI – a “Full Kagan” = 4x4x8 = 128 cubic feet… of shit!

  13. Exactly right. Their ruling is so busy trying to accommodate in the rewrite every argument for “Love” (ie: sodomy, polygamy, incest, bestially, age of consent, pedophilia) is up for grabs.

    Your example of tax fraud is spot on. Roomates get “Married” for tax credits and then “Divorce” when they want to get really married. Or in the case of polygamy they just add some more names.

    We. Are. Idiots.

  14. The ONLY reason she is on the “court” is because she was Solicitor General earlier and knows about all of obangay’s skeletons in his “closet’ he came out of…..

  15. She was at Harvard same time obuttface was and therefore “keeper of the papers on him” Just doing her doody.

  16. Unomac, wow a full cord of crap, who knew. The EPA probably wouldn’t let you dry it out and use it to you heat your house but who knows maybe they’ll make it an exception in her case with the sheer large volume of bs she puts out. They could call it free shit, boy the progs would love that, Totally sustainable till she assumes room temperature.

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