In Congo, Ebola is making a comeback

Daily Caller: Ebola has spread to a major city in Congo, and the death toll is rising rapidly.

Congo officials have reported 23 are dead and that there are 42 confirmed cases of the deadly virus. First discovered close to Congo’s Ebola River in 1976, Ebola is a deadly virus that spreads by direct contact with bodily fluid. It can spread to healthy persons from those who are infected or those who have died from the virus, according to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC). Scientists believe the virus originated in bats. MORE

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  1. Probably originates because of their sanitary lifestyle and advanced medIcal treatment facilities.

  2. What were the liberals saying not too long ago, that we can’t decide who is allowed and not allowed into a country?
    Weren’t they getting every liberal judge they could find to force us to receive any and all infected people from every shithole in the world?

  3. Please, this time, let’s have no self-important globetrotting doctors and nurses swanning back into America from Ebolaland without quarantine. They can tweet their virtue for a few extra days before physically greeting their worshippers.

  4. How about this: All those no borders folk go over there and help the doctors in support roles.
    They will write checks for Mr. Trump’s wall when they are finally allowed back in, adding questions like: How high is it going to be, again?

  5. “It’s everywhere now. The airlines were the perfect distribution network.” — World War Z.

    Eventually something truly lethal and airborne will make it into a large airline hub— London, Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Cairo.
    And it will have a long enough incubation period for each infected to infect one hundred others before symptoms appear.
    1>100, 100 >10,000, 10,000>1,000,000, 1,000,000>100,000,000…

    We’re overdue for a Massive Culling Of the Herd.

  6. Here’s the difference in the Ebola “scare” under obama admin v Trump.

    Not only will Trump not allow them on incoming flights on Diversity Airlines, nor send our military to mop up feces and puke, but they’ll be no million dollar kickbacks to big Pharma racing to replenish vaccines that never existed, nor will millions be allocated to spray poison across Miami (looking at you Rubio).

  7. Add Sam Bee, Oliver, and all the other self loathing punks Jon Leibowitz and got retirement vises for what trash

  8. This outbreak has the potential to become a widespread epidemic, as the epicenter is located at a river port. The last outbreak was geographically isolated, so while there was some movement in and out of the area, it was limited. The airline analogy is applicable here, as most travel in the DRC is by boat, crowded boats, which lead to Kinshasha. If this outbreak moves to Kinshasha, it could spread internationally very rapidly.

    Having Trump in office, rather than Obama or Hillary, can have a major impact on how this can be contained — or spread.

  9. The only response to a pandemic with no cure is Quarantine.

    PDT has the vision and the guts to declare-and-enforce, if necessary.

    One more Trumpian quality to be thankful for.


  10. Better Ebola than Obola!

    Obola was far more deadly, far more destructive, than a simple virus.

    izlamo delenda est …


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