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In Defense of Christians

There’s a petition calling on John Kerry and the State Department to denounce what is being done to Christians in Iraq and Syria a genocide.


 Sponsored by In Defense of Christians and the Knights of Columbus, thousands have signed it all ready. 

“The State Department is required by law to make a designation one way or the other on the matter by mid-March.”

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 You will find a link to the petition Here

I’m sure a petition by a bunch of nobody’s doesn’t hold near the weight of a tweet demanding the return of kidnapped Nigerian school girls, but it can’t hurt to try to hold our government’s feet to the fire on these atrocities.


7 Comments on In Defense of Christians

  1. Yes, they should ‘denounce’ this. In strong terms. Helps so much to stop the people holding and using guns that are killing others.

    We should try this in Chicago.

    I’m sure it would be just as effective there.

    If denouncing didn’t work, perhaps we could escalate to ‘condemnation’.

    Yeah boy! Pull out all the stops of useless rhetoric.

  2. If the (US) Christians REALLY want to make a difference, forget about the petition (at least for this administration). Do a “Beck”, and scrape together your money and pay some (ME) Christian’s way out of that hellhole. It will be a much better return on your money than importing musloids.

  3. Voice of the Martyrs is a great organization to support too, if you are concerned about the persecution of Christians.

    And John Fckn Kerry:
    Iran recently arrested an 80-year-old U.S. citizen (dual citizenship) for the charge of “cooperation with the hostile government of the United States.” Yes, that is a crime in Iran, John Kerry. Why are you not locked up in Evin prison? Maybe they don’t have a horse stall?

  4. That horse’s ass-face would probably have some other ass face like James Taylor sing to the Christians over the radio to help with their struggle.
    Then strut around like he accomplished something.
    I would give Moe some amphetamines and let him have at that the useless bastard.

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