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In Depends Day


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  1. I just through this up on Instagram and in like 30 seconds it’s got like 20 likes

  2. Biden:

    Vanilla, or, vanilla? I’ve got to lick them again.

  3. PS. I don’t need to see the “fireworks”.
    Thank you ever so much.

  4. Commie Old Guard – from the subversive to the ridiculous.

  5. Funny stuff, Sir Fur! Looks as if Bernie just soiled his by dipping dippy Hillary.

  6. Joe is experiencing a moment of consternation. His ass itches and both hands are busy.

  7. Bernie looks like the Hillbag just farted!
    Well Bernie, she’s always had the personality of a baked-bean sandwich!

  8. Absolutely EPIC !! “In Depends…” LMAO!

    Crazy Joe: “Hmmm…this one kinda tastes like doorknobs.”
    Sanders: “If I just dropped her just right, her neck would snap…it would look like an accident.”
    Hillary: “Fuck. I need a drink real bad.”

  9. No young, up and coming communists for the democratic party to choose from, huh?

  10. The thought of a White House sex scandal with these doofs is pretty gross.

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