In Desperate Bid For Relevance and Ratings, Megyn Kelly Invites Matt Lauer On Show To “Tell His Story”

Megyn Kelly is some piece of work. Trying her best to seem sensitive, her soft voice is drowned out by the deafening sound of opportunism.

Anything to plug the holes in her sinking ship.


NBC host Megyn Kelly on Thursday invited Matt Lauer and his accusers onto her show, stating she remains “committed to telling people’s stories if they choose to come forward.”
The invitation comes one day after the 59-year-old Lauer was ousted from NBC amid sexual harassment allegations.
“As hard as it is to report on one of our own colleagues, we remain committed to telling people’s stories if they choose to come forward,” said the “Megyn Kelly Today” host, according to Entertainment Weekly. “The women in this case, too – the Matt Lauer case – are invited and welcome to do exactly that on this show.”
You’re such a good person, Megyn. We all thank you for what you do.
What is it that you do?

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  1. I have an image in my head of a WWII fighter plane on firer and the pilot can’t bail out so the pilot just has to ride the burning coffin all the way down. In slow motion. (A Zero or German of course).


  2. I’d rather see her interview NBC executives and get their take on the possibility of being sued for permitting a pervasive atmosphere of perversion and enabling harassment to occur for years, if not decades! Any HR person will tell you that managers and officers are just as culpable as the perps for allowing it to go on without taking action.

  3. Does he get to bring a replica of the dildo he sent his co-worker?
    Maybe to shoe Megyn how it’s used?

    Just a thought – though a rather nasty one.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. What a ditz. She believed the crap put out by her own publicity staff and burned for it. She and NBC could have made it work but decided to try to cram her into the NBC mold and now they’re saddled with a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with a star that can’t attract an audience. I think that between this and Laur (and maybe a few more) the NBC boardrooms will be getting some cleaning out.

  5. @scr_north (and everybody o’course)

    Megan’s yuge multi million multi year contract! NBC gets buyer’s remorse, story leaks that Megan tortures small animals 3..2..1..

  6. Oh come on, she wants his spot and sees this as a way to get an interview someone may actually watch (not me but someone mourning Lauer). Another article out on the Daily Mail is how the entire NBC family hates her over how she reacted yesterday. They admitted she probably was never going to get to their inner circle but now they have the long knives out for her.

  7. Anon; she probably wants his spot but it will go to a black or latino. Just watch. It’s a trend. Here the local news is dominated by latino and asian girls who tend to gain 75 lbs in a year.

  8. Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous, Me Again throws her bimbo bid for relevance into the cesspool!

  9. This woman does not exist and is only an apparition, much like Jacob Marley from a Christmas Carol.
    having to gaze upon her is a most unfortunate circumstance I hope not to repeat.

  10. Every time I think “who on earth would possibly watch this crap?” my wife reminds me there is still a diehard following for The View.

    Matt Lauer’s career may not be quite over yet.
    There’s always bondage-humiliation chat-cam porn.

  11. “Well Megyn, first I mailed her a dildo, just like this one but not black or as big as yours. Then I felt her breasts, like this. Then, bend over closer a little bit please, I grabbed her ears and pulled her head towards my crotch like this. Yes, it was wrong, but it felt soooo gooood…yeah Megyn.”

    O.k., I’ll admit it. I would watch this interview.

  12. It appears NBC will do anything to increase ratings and revenue.
    First they knew of Lauer’s perversions for several years, even made comic scripts of his sexual actions, then fired him and now inviting him on the air with Meeagain to boost her ratings……all for the love of revenue.

    It’s difficult to decide who’s worse, NBC for the cover-up, exploitation of the firing, inviting him to tell his story or Lauer himself. A den of scumbags at NBC.

  13. Ah…his story…

    “…and then I touched her here and she said no” and “…then I touched this other woman over there” and “then I slept with that woman, and that woman, and that woman..oh did I mention I was married?”

    What a putz.

  14. This means SNL will have a field day !
    ….By doing an irrelevant, juvenile hit job skit on Trump or Sarah Palin.


    Her live, in-studio vaginaloscopy will at least be postponed for another week.

    She’s getting desperate over there I hear.

  16. I would only watch segment if #MattLiar tagged along with Andy Lack(ofIntegrity) and Zucker (as in Zero) for live coverage of their play-by-play “roast-like” comments during another GQ photo shoot featuring Meagain strutting her bloody stuff. This time as “Lady” in Red (rather than black).

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