In ‘Disloyal Opposition’, Julie Kelly pulls the curtain back on NeverTrump

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mentioned yesterday that I’m spending the weekend reading a couple new releases that came out last week – Julie Kelly’s Disloyal Opposition: How the #NeverTrump Right Tried – and Failed — to Take Down the President and Kurt Schlichter’s The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and you!).

Well, Saturday afternoon I plowed through Disloyal Opposition, which is columnist Julie Kelly’s first (but not last, I’m sure) book.

Kelly’s columns at American Greatness are always a must-read for me.  I’ve linked to her writing frequently over the last several years.  In fact, her column “The Swamp’s Swingline Stapler” even inspired a couple Dianny ‘Shop images.

Julie is clever writer, smart as a whip and has just the right amount of biting humor to drive a point home.  And her book Disloyal Opposition is no exception.

Back in August of 2016, I compared the NeverTrump movement to those Japanese soldiers who were found living on remote Pacific islands twenty/thirty years after World War Two ended.  Those guys had no idea the war was over and Japan lost.

The same was true of NeverTrump.  Despite Donald Trump’s resounding primary victory, and despite his accepting the nomination in late July, NeverTrump continued on as if the primaries were still raging.

It’s been four years, and it seems these guys are still wandering around on that remote Pacific island. MORE HERE

9 Comments on In ‘Disloyal Opposition’, Julie Kelly pulls the curtain back on NeverTrump

  1. Fantastic post Dianny! If I’m not mistaken, commenting on iOTW was the spring board to establishing your own blog.

    You are very insightful, with the necessary and effective ingredient of humor and snark to make your point. And it is spot-on.

  2. The worst of this sorry, miserable lot is Bill Kristol, and the next most odious is George Conway. Trump Derangement Syndrome has completely disconnected these two from the Conservative agenda and Trump’s accomplishments.

  3. Here is the complete list of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders codes, organized by disorder:
    298.TDS Psychotic Disorder – Trump Derangement Psychotic Disorders

  4. Why is it everybody is getting every memo but AG Barr?
    Or does he round-file them as they come in?

  5. never trump like the lost japanese soldiers?

    not in my book

    they are traitors to the cause

    they are just the other side of the coin with the commies

    never ones to make the hard choices but always willing to go the soy boy route

    not any one i would let in my foxhole

  6. Ad Faux News to the list. It has become almost unwatchable. Were it not for Hegseth, Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham we wouldn’t watch at all. The weekend shows really suck.
    While your at it you could include half of Congress too. I guess power at any cost is all they know.

  7. These people think that even Hillary would be better than the President. Do you need any other description of them?


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