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In Gender ‘Neutral’ California, Why Mandate Equal Pay for Women?

On the issue of equal pay, it was in Democrat politicians’ offices in the California Legislature where women were paid less than their male counterparts.

Katy Grimes:

In gender “neutral” California, why mandate equal pay for women, as First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom is advocating?

For that matter, in gender “neutral” California, why mandate more women on boards? That is the question we asked in 2019 when the California Legislature passed a bill to require large corporations with base operations in California to put more female directors on their boards. Judicial Watch quickly filed a lawsuit and reported:

SB 826 is illegal under the California Constitution. The legislation’s quota system for female representation on corporate boards employs express gender classifications. As a result, SB 826 is immediately suspect and presumptively invalid and triggers strict scrutiny review.

California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom just “applauded LinkedIn for becoming the latest company to sign California’s Equal Pay Pledge.”

Why would Linkedin do this if gender is neutral in California.

Or, for that matter, what about trans-women, who were “assigned male at birth?” Do trans-women receive less pay than their cis-gender male coworkers? more

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  1. “In Gender ‘Neutral’ California, Why Mandate Equal Pay for Women?”

    Leftist narrative never has anything to do with reality. Hypocrisy and irony are standards of the left.


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