In Honor of Ennio

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  1. It used to be you could find a good Clint Eastwood western on every weekend. Not so anymore. In fact this weekend I’ve been taking it easy and I was looking for one. Just about any of them would do.

  2. That was excellent. Thanks @BFH that made the day better!

    Synchronicity, musicianship and melodies at their best.

  3. Joe6pak, no Clint Eastwood movies this weekend but the INSP network does have some Audie Murphy westerns on. As for Clint Eastwood, the H&I network plays Rawhide every morning at 9 AM Pacific time with Clint as Rowdy Yates. Head em up, move em out. A couple of weekends ago one of the networks had Pale Rider on, I originally saw that with my dad back in the mid 80’s at the theater, it’s one of my favorite Clint Eastwood Westerns.

  4. geoff, Pale Rider is good, in fact I would have happily watched any of them. For no particular reason I was hoping to see High Plains Drifter, the one that he convinces the worms from the town to paint the town red. They are all classic in my little mind.

  5. The only Clint Eastwood movie I dislike intensely is Play Misty For me, that one still gives me the creeps. I am not nor ever will be a Jessica Walters fan. And maybe the Beguiled as a close second. And Paint Your Wagon, western musicals suck.

  6. I don’t know about that, Geoff – I enjoyed Oklahoma.
    I think it’s just Clint’s singing that sucked.

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