In Loving Memory of Jim Acosta’s Career


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  1. “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
    (George Eliot)

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Secretly, the other journos want him gone. There are a lot of big egos in that crowd. He’ll get lots of sympathy as a martyr to Trump, but maybe it’s time to write that book or do that podcast or Netflix or whatever.

  3. 4:10 was as much as I wanted to suffer. He’s that kid in class that is a constant disruption. Goes to the Principal’s office, suspended from school, followed by permanent expulsion. Good-bye you little brat.

  4. Hey Jim, we are way overstaffed here at ESPN right now. Bad timing, huh? Best of luck, keep in touch, bro.

  5. If it hadn’t been for iOTWReport, I’da never heard of him.

    Guess he should be happy that the juice drips through the bed of the Garbage Truck and Mr. Hat can focus on it – otherwise he’d be just one more turd dripping with slime splattered in the road.

    A slimy turd eventually becomes fertilizer – so maybe there’s hope for him.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Who can stand the guy? He’s not even just a grandstander…he’s a bomb thrower. The ONLY reason he’s there is to be disruptive. We don’t need him in there being a drama queen…

  7. I did not use my HAND to repel that intern.
    Or I did not touch her with my index finger while fighting to retain the microphone.
    Legal denial Dem. 101

  8. I would have been nice if someone had copied Indiana Jones and just pulled out a pistol and shot the Son of a Bitch. end of story.

  9. It’s OK Jim, I believe you. I always believe little girls.
    Now show me on the doll where that bad intern touched you.

  10. Watching President Trump walking with NoKo’s Kim and being essentially heckled by that dick Acosta made me ponder what Kim would choose to do to Acosta. LOL

  11. “ponder what Kim would choose to do to Acosta”

    Past experience would indicate free fire from an anti-aircraft gun.

  12. “He’s denied them but can you say they are false.”

    And if she had addressed that question he would have rephrased it and asked it again.

    Does he think he the only person in the room?

  13. His untethered mouth is very very tiring…his mother and father must be damn proud to have raised such a fine ahole.

  14. This is important because all leftoid cretins aspire to be Jim Acostar. Many of them aspire to be Jim Acostar with an AK working as a gulag guard.

  15. Have a set Rules of Behavior list and make all Reporter sign with a list of consequences. First offence No question answered for a month, Second offence Press Pass removed for a month. Then no question about consequences.

  16. Too bad that CNN (Clown News Network) doesn’t hire real reporters instead of a bunch of hate-filled loud mouthed jackasses like Acosta.

  17. He will never accept that his own behavior causes a great deal of the animosity toward CNN and toward him personally.


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