In Melbourne, Australia, the fury over vaccine mandates is exploding

American Thinker. By Andrea Widburg

The Australian state of Victoria, the capital of which is Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, has seen some of the world’s most draconian COVID rules.  The latest order, mandating vaccines for the construction industry along with a two-week industry-wide shutdown, sparked huge, violent protests from trade unions.  Most strikingly, union members turned against their own union boss.

The Daily Mail described the frenzy of two days of protests (with “tradies” referring to the trade unionists):

Furious ‘freedom’ protests have erupted across Melbourne with anti-vaxxer tradies massing outside Victoria’s Parliament House and a TV reporter assaulted and doused in urine in vile scenes.

Hundreds of construction workers and anti-vaxxers took to the streets for the second consecutive day on Tuesday β€” many of them distraught after a tradesman took his own life at a construction site earlier in the day.

Demonstrators sung Advance Australia Fair and chanted ‘f— the jab’ in protest against mandatory vaccination orders for the industry, and Premier Daniel Andrews’ decision to shut the industry down for two weeks, amid soaring case numbers.


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  1. ‘We will stop this protest. We will hold those responsible to account. The message is clear. You cannot come in and break the law.’

    When the law is unreasonable and oppressive, watch out! People will only bend so far!
    No comparisons can be made to the United States here in 2020.
    What happened in the U.S. was instigated, enabled and encouraged by the democRAT party, consequently few arrests were made. What’s happening in Australia is a revolt against the new tyranny of the 21st century!

  2. Well, if they really want to fight, no doubt they can be creative, some really deadly things can be made right in a garage or shop. A metal lathe and a drill press does wonders.

  3. I will NEVER FORGET the way they were blaming Trades for finishing buildings & continuing to work at the beginning of the SCAMDEMIC. People were on TV & Radio claiming we were going to get everyone killed and it was only 2 WEEKS!

    Now 18 months latter imagine if Electricians, HVAC, Plumbers, Bricks, Carpenters, Elevators, Machanics were all still sitting on our asses!

    I will never forget what THEY called us/ME.

    I hope these guys stay of for 1 month!

  4. I was attached to the Australian Army in VN for 6 months. Some of the very best Soldiers I had the pleasure to work with. Smart, Rough and Tumble guys that knew their stuff and would fight at the drop of a hat. They don’t back down.
    Go Aussies !

  5. @cato

    Everyone was a lot tougher back then. Ever since kids have been raised in Day Care we have creating Femenazis, Soy Boys, emotionally stunted petulant humans and useless people with no sense of family or loyalty.

  6. Trade unions often have union bosses that are communist thugs. They are some of the most self serving thugs out there. Tradesmen are often stuck between the corruption of the company/government and the corruption of the union bosses. Locally, the Steel Workers Union recently went on strike at one of the largest Exxon refineries in the nation. Exxon soon locked the union workers out and has begum to run the refinery with non-union workers. The union workers want to return but the Steel Workers union won’t let them vote to do so. I wonder how much Exxon is paying those union bosses.


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