In Michigan, Governor’s COVID-19 Orders Crush Businesses

Daily Signal: Probably no topic since World War II has dominated the news as long as COVID-19 has. Many articles have focused on the policy differences between states and countries.

When focusing on the policies of my home state of Michigan, one should ask: Are these policies keeping people safe? Are these policies helping people to flourish?

Unfortunately, under the leadership of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the state’s policies are failing on both accounts.

Metro Detroit was one of the hardest-hit areas in the nation, probably due to travel related to the auto industry. Whitmer, a Democrat, has allowed businesses to reopen slowly. Many think too slowly.  

For example, after the first few weeks, when all Michigan businesses were developing plans to safely reopen, landscape companies, outdoor painters, carryout restaurants, and most construction companies could have reopened. The “essential” businesses should have quickly shifted to “safe to reopen” businesses.

Generally, officials shut down entire states instead of simply targeting hard-hit counties. Surely, Douglas County, Nebraska, which includes Omaha and has a population density of 1,680 per square mile, has different needs than Cherry County, Nebraska, which is larger in size than Connecticut with a population density of less than one person per square mile.

Compare that to Manhattan, which has a population density of 71,000 per square mile, plus many commuters.

Whitmer could have left open Northern Lower Michigan and the entire Upper Peninsula—more than half the state’s area.

She could have said, “Please don’t travel to Northern Michigan if you’re from Metro Detroit,” and announced “customs checks” by  state police at the I-75 Zilwaukee Bridge.

 “Are you from Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb County? Headed to your cottage? Do you have enough food to avoid going to grocery stores? OK, enjoy your trip.” more

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  1. The democrats can’t crush us in a war so they’re instituting what a war on our shores would do to the economy.

  2. These blue governors and mayors are the best thing going
    for the Republicans in November. The city bases that put them in office are fraying in their support of D’rats while those many outside those cities who have been screwed over by their tyranny are going to get out and vote to “get even” with the dirtbag pols.

  3. Absolutely they are. They are designed to crush businesses. The Governors involved in this shit are conspiring with big players, who have cash reserves and access to millions, if not billions, In government handouts (remember Too Bog To Fail?). This is all about crushing competitors of the favored few, i.e. those who line the politicians pockets.

    Stevie Ray could see what is going on in this regard.

  4. General Mills just extended her “state of emergency” through Sept 4.
    You know, tourism is about dead. That’s $10 billion.
    Businesses are still closing.
    We’ve had 6 deaths in 3 weeks WITH Chinese Virus here in Maine. Not OF.
    We have fewer than 10 people statewide in the hospital.

    So, ya. Why not, eh?
    These blue state Guvs and Mayors, like someone else said, are out of control.

  5. Do not forget who these tin pot dictators are.
    Remember every name.
    They must pay.
    And pay, they will.

  6. I’ve read plenty of articles cursing Whitmer for her decisions but nothing concrete is being done about it. Stop your pointless, tiresome whining and pursue legal actions.

  7. Whitmer has been a disaster on every front since day one of her dictatorship. I am a Michigan resident and knew she would behave exactly as she has in a completly political and hate filled manor to aggressively implement woke fake leftist democRat bs and destroy all common sense constitutional American principles and people because they disagree with her dictatorship. Just yesterday she declared rascism a public health emergency that will require all to bow down to her fake weak non leadership . Whitmer is a complete disgrace.

  8. To el puppy…We are trying..on the 4th try recall language was finally passed but disgusting google and half whits propaganda machine have conspired to make it impossible for US to sign the petition and get her recall on the ballot..recall website not found..fake petitions that have no legal standing pushed instead…and on and on..Go online and try to find the petition and if you are a Michigan resident try and sign…good luck , whitmers goons are all over cheating lieing and faking to stop it

  9. That sign-language person…she is pointing at Whitmer and making an “L” sign with her other hand. Yep, I figured.

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