In-N-Out Burger : ‘We Refuse to Become the Vaccination Police’

In-N-Out Burger Slings a Message Against Vaccine Mandates That is Hot and Delicious: ‘We Refuse to Become the Vaccination Police’

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  1. And if every restaurant where these illegal mandates exist just didn’t comply this would be over. We can’t have an ID to vote but we can require one to eat in this Idiocracy.

  2. Frankly I am surprised that SF even allows such a Christian and family-owned business to be there.

    @Jethro – they used to have bumper stickers that were very popular:

    In N Out
    B U R G E R

    People would cut off the B and the R in burger, two simple vertical cuts. 🙂

  3. LCD, I remember the “In-N-Out URGE” bumper stickers in the 90’s.

    I never liked onions on a burger until I ate one of theirs.
    Big giant onion but they are pre-soaked & sauteed so they aren’t too harsh.

  4. My sincere THANKS to everyone, every single person who stands up in the face of this tyranny. I have not and will not participate in the ‘vaccine’ charade and enjoy a situation nearly impervious to coercion. Those who are being made to suffer in consequence of their refusal are. HONORABLE and deserve honor for their righteous action.


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