In Ohio, A White Woman Challenged Gillibrand To Explain ‘How White Privilege’ Works

Sara Carter:

“What do you say to people in Youngstown, OH who have lost their jobs and are suffering from opioids crisis about the so called ‘white privilege’?”a white woman holding her baby asked Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) at a 2020 campaign rally in Ohio.

“I understand that the families in this community are suffering deeply…but that’s not what that conversation is about,” responded Gillibrand.

But the white woman challenged the 2020 democratic presidential candidate to explain “What is it about?”

This is the full transcript of the conversation:

Question: I hear you saying there is a lot of divisive language coming from Republicans, coming from Trump and that we are looking for ways to blame each other. But the Democratic Party loves to throw around terms like white privilege. Now this is an area that cross all demographics has been depressed because of the loss of its industry and the opioids crisis. So what do you have to say to people in this area about so called white privilege?

Gillibrand: So, I understand that families in this community are suffering deeply. I am fully hear from you and folks that I’ve talked to just in a few minutes that I’ve been here, that is devastating when you’ve lost your job, you’ve lost your ability to provide for your kids, that when you put 20, 30 years into a company that all of the sudden doesn’t care about you or won’t call you back and gives you a day to move. That is not acceptable and not okay. So no one in that circumstance is privileged on any level, but that’s not what that conversation is about.

Question: What is it about?

Gillibrand: I’m going to explain.

Gillibrand: What the conversation is about is when a community has been left behind for generations because of the color of their skin. When you’ve been denied job, after job, after job because you’re black or because you’re brown. Or when you go to the emergency room to have your baby. The fact that we have the highest maternal mortality rate and if you are a black woman you are four times more likely to die in childbirth because that healthcare provider doesn’t believe you when you say I don’t feel right. Because he doesn’t value you. Or because she doesn’t value you.

Gillibrand: So institutional racism is real. It doesn’t take away your pain or suffering. It’s just a different issue. Your suffering is just as important as a black or brown persons suffering but to fix the problems that are happening in a black community you need far more transformational efforts that targeted for real racism that exists every day.

Gillibrand: So if your son, is 15 years old and smokes pot. He smokes pot just as much as black boy in his neighborhood and the Latino boy in his neighborhood. But that black and brown boy is four times more likely to get arrested. When he’s arrested that criminal justice system might require him to pay bail. 500 bucks. That kid does not have 500 bucks he might not be able to make bail. As an adult with a child at home and he’s a single parent, if he is thrown in jail no one is with his child. It doesn’t matter what he says, I have to go home, I have a child at home, he’s only 12. What am I going to do. It doesn’t matter. Imagine as a parent how you would feel so helpless. That’s institutional racism. Your son will likely not have to deal with that because he is white. So when someone says white privilege, that is all they are talking about. That his whiteness will mean that a police officer might give him a second chance. It might mean that he doesn’t get incarcerated because he had just smoked a joint with his girlfriend. It might mean that he won’t have to post bail. It means he might be able to show up to work the next day and lose his job and not be in the cycle of poverty that never ends. That’s all it is.

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  1. So, do you think Gillibrand earned any votes from any White voters with that speech? Related question: when Trump won Penn, Mich, Wisc, etc, in 2016, did he win the voters in those states talking about “white privilege”?

  2. The vast majority of all that hot CO2 emitted was nonsensical blather……. for the love of pete!

  3. In other words: “I’m here to pander to the “people of color” so sit down white lady and let the WHITE lady blow smoke up all these poc’s asses.”

  4. This whole thing about pot and black people getting arrested is bullshit. The reason more black people get arrested smoking pot is because they act as if they’re above the law!

    White people buy a bag of weed and consume it within their homes or other confines. Black people buy a bag of weed and they flaunt it. They drive around and smoke it, they smoke it in movie theaters, they smoke it in the Burger King bathroom. I’ve seen it first hand, arguing with police. C’mon maaaaaan, it’s just a little weeeeeeed, we just be chilling up in here.

    It’s not a privilege thing, it’s a respect thing! White people respect the rule of law, so they avoid interacting with the law while breaking it. Black people don’t respect law, so they act like obnoxious thugs and then wonder why they got busted by the law.

  5. In all my years of paying attention…dating back to the early 70’s, the only democrat I can recall, that was not an obsessed, pandering race-baiter was Joe Lieberman…and he finally left them to become an independent before getting out all together.
    For claiming to be the party of inclusion, they sure do a lot of exclusion. Go figure.

  6. Yeah, white privilege BS from a white privileged BITCH! So we get to work all of our lives to support the multi-cultural shitheads from 3rd world shithole countries! That is if you haven’t lost your job, or never got the job you were qualified for due to affirmative action or quotas!

  7. My take on the invented term “white privilege” is:
    Yes, as a white, God-fearing, faithful, devoted husband and father, who embraces the hard work, sacrifice, and values higher education I should expect to do well. I earned it by not making stupid decisions.

    People, regardless of their group, pay the price for attitudes of entitlement, doing crime and drugs, gang membership, sloth, dropping out of school, broken families, and stupid life choices, like “job-killer” tattoos and pregnant at 16.

    Many of these are self-inflicted or culturally accepted. Don’t lecture me. I earned my place. Earn yours!

  8. Maybe some people deliver in an ER bc despite a plethora of public assistance programs, i.e., Free Sh*t , they are just too busy enjoying ghetto life. I mean I guess it is tough filling out a form for free crap and never making or keeping your prenatal care appointments. If i hear one more asshat politician impugn the medical system in this country I’m going to puke. Just because most responsible people make the right choices and do the right things does not mean that those who do not are failing to do so due to racism.Some just dont give a shit. You’re selling snake oil, sweety. STFU

  9. Eddie Murphy used to have a riff in his standup where he would talk about homeless white people begging for change and that there was no reason for that. Liberals take that to heart.

    Of course, he also used to joke about Mr. T being a faggot, marrying an African bush bitch who didn’t understand US divorce laws, sticking GI Joes up his ass in the bathtub and chinks’ accents when ordering shrimp fried rice so…now he’s a beloved kids movie voice actor.

  10. The CliffNotes summary of Adirondack Barbie’s spiel: “You’re white and you don’t count, so please take your silly assed problems down the hall to someone who gives a shit!”

  11. “I’m just trying to get some Ranch.”
    What a load of fetid road apples.™
    My son was arrested smoking pot, twice, in his own home.
    He had to post bail, well, I posted it.
    What about his redheaded, lily white privilege?
    That is such a strawman.

  12. She forgot to mention white people who privilege their way as slow as possible when crossing the street on foot

  13. The face smash the socialists are going to get
    in the 2020 election is going to be spectacular.
    Get your popcorn now before the clownshow watchers
    drive up the price.

  14. “Well… You see… If you’re white… teehee… then you’re an innately bad person for being white… and you… therefore… teehee… owe recompense for your racism… because that’s what makes white people bad… They are always assuming others are bad because of their race… teehee… see?… Now please vote for me; so I can use your money to pay black people and illegal aliens to kill you… teehee…”

  15. Liberals say…..”Why won’t businesses pay a living wage…?

    Conservatives say….”Because you voted to mass import people who will work for less.”


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