In the Middle of Watching Trump Roast Hillary at the Al Smith Dinner

UPDATE 2!!!!! — You HAVE to watch this. This is what he should have said at the debate!!!! Trump trolled them again. He’s not even doing jokes, he’s just telling it like it is, the absurdity of the Clintons.

People are BOOING HIM. You can cut the tension with a scimitar. This is great!!!!

UPDATE: This is hilarious. Why?

The left starts out laughing at his jokes, some were downright laugh out loud stuff. But then… the laughter started to die down as Trump cut to the bone, the very, very accurate bone.

By the time one of his one liners started with “Hillary is so corrupt that…” The audience started to boo.

When did it really start to go south? When Trump said it was a pleasure to finally meet in person the heads of Hillary’s campaign team.

“There they are,” he said, “ABC, NBC, The Washington Post, The NY Times.”

Things got dodgy after that.

Okay, I go finish watching now.


I’m going to post this before I finish watching. You know I really don’t like when the opposition rubs elbows. It just seems like we take this more seriously than they do and it really is just a uniparty.

But Trump told a joke that made this worth watching, it was the one about Hillary bumping into Trump accidentally on the way to the dais. (If the rest suck, pardon me.)

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  1. I assume you’ve made it through that somewhat awkward stretch just after he says “Hillery Clinton is so corrupt that…. (and then there’s no punchline)”?

    Doesn’t look like a Uniparty to me.

  2. I enjoyed The Donald taking the occasion to skewer Hillary. She had to take it as well as did several of the prigs in the audience.

  3. Holy crap, The Donald really stuck it up her ass! I’m surprised she didn’t blow a gasket. That is a weird event.

  4. The gloves are off. Trump is right to take it to her here, she is the one that wants to corrupt the church and pit them against each other.
    Leave no stones unturned Donald.
    Also these are the people that are making big money bring moselems into our country, screw them.

  5. I can say I’ve had the extreme pleasure of being a vendor to two great great business men. Neither one would stop short of doing anything it took to win. I took great pleasure in watching them work. DJT could give them both lessons. The mans bad ass.

  6. The line about public and private and Hillary hating Catholics… That was about as brutal and ballsy as anything I’ve ever seen anyone say at an event like this.
    Trump is now my roasting idol.

  7. Oh. Thank you to C. Steven for sending this to me.
    I have to say, C. Steven is very gracious when I don’t always hat tip him for the material he sends.
    We’ve never spoken about this between us, so let’s just do it publicly why don’t we?

    The fact is, C. Steven sends so much great stuff that I’d end up having to call the site

    That is the truth.
    And he’s smart enough and humble enough to probably have figured that out with me not having to tell him.

    Now you all know. Tucker is a big provider of what we publish here at iOTW.

  8. She started coughing a bit when he mentions her likely picks for his ambassador post.

    The post turtle smirk at the nine-minute mark is vintage hildebeest.

  9. I can only imagine myself being the mother of the deceased Sean Smith of Benghazi, and how she must have felt if she watched this.

    I would have cried my eyes out watching both Trump and Hillary cackling wise and making light about nothing; both acting like old pals in a room full of other old pals and partners in crime; all whilst paying homage to the detestable Cardinal Timothy Dolan, embracer of homosexuality; attention seeker extraordinaire, and douchebag second only to Pope Francis…..Marxist piece of shit that he is.

    Mrs. Smith, I apologize to you for them. They know not what they do.

    Mrs. Smith, I’m sorry for your loss – and for their apparent indifference to you and your family.

    Cory Biancalana
    Stockton, CA

  10. I think everybody there knows they are listening to the next president. I’ve never seen anybody pull off a stunt like that so professionally. He really nailed her ass to the floor, and did it gracefully too. lol! They all know who the true winner is now.

  11. I liked that he referenced his young experiences with his father at this gala fundraiser. Again, he underscored his roots (his father’s and family’s) of active involvement in NY society’s history of charitable giving; not the ‘first time’ attendee he was described as by Smith, Jr. at the opening of Smith’s remarks. I thought that was quite odd of Smith to make that comparison between Trump and Killery, the Arkansas grifter.

  12. He began his riff by comparing himself to Jesus Christ (son of a carpenter) and ended it by upending the money changers’ sensibilities in that white tie and tails extravaganza!

    Not saying he’s a prophet or a poet — make of it what you will.

  13. Man-O-Man, talk about laying some pipe. That was brutal. You could tell Trump was sawing on bone when he was getting booed and the laughing stopped, especially at the “not hating Catholics” and the Haiti village joke.


  14. From Davy: “I couldn’t quit staring at Maria Bartiromo’s big ole tits. WOW! (.)(.)”

    She is a lovely woman isn’t she?

  15. Who is the pompous dude with the medal that looks like he is about to swallow his tongue in shock and disbelief?

  16. Clinton’s campaign team (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.) will be all over this complaining that DJT was a turd in the punch bowl.

  17. @Stlcathy “Who is the pompous dude with the medal that looks like he is about to swallow his tongue in shock and disbelief?”

    Mr Potato Head

  18. trump has worked the media since he announced.

    all his years in reality tv has paid off. he’s smooth, she’s stiff.

    once again he takes a ridiculous event that the media is covering and uses it to get his message out with out spending a dime.

    I only wish he used libya as the ambassadorship being offered by hillary, that would have put it over the top in my mind.

  19. I loved Trump and sucked it up and watched hers. It was not nearly as funny IMHO but after I watched it and got to her self promoting work for the children back in the 70s or whenever it occurred to me this is the woman that said the night before it was a-okay to abort a baby a day before it was going to be born. Always trying to tie herself with the children. Maybe that is why we never meet these children (or adults that were helped by HRC). Hard to help a lot of children when you work harder to abort them.

  20. It all goes back to this…

    If you’d been a little more restrained, Barky, It might have been Jeb up there, 10 points down and tossing meek little barbs for everyone to laugh politely at.

    You and Hillary created your own nemesis, Barky. We are not laughing along with you. This Al Smith bullshit has become nothing but a venue for The Uniparty to blow off steam and remind themselves that no matter who wins, the Uniparty wins. Not this time. Maybe never again. So larf it up while you can funny boys and girls.

  21. Most interesting to me: Hillary outed Obama.
    ,as a Muslim! When she made reference to,if Trump became president, at the next ‘living Presidents and current president photo, Bill will get in with ease, but Barack might not make it because of the ‘Muslim ban’
    I bet her team cringed! Obama’s head exploded.

  22. Wow!
    Reminds me of last weeks sunday reading. Saint Paul to Timothy.
    “I charge you in the presence of God and of Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead, …be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient, convince, reprimand…”
    Trump is the right man at a time in American history. And 99% of those in attendance will fall before God. Including Dolan.

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