In the Mud


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  1. I am giving you this. Please make me laugh. If you want to credit me, I don’t care, give credit to “HumaScissors”. The basic joke you can master is this: remember the dodge ball movie…”duck, dodge, dive and duck!”. Now tie it to Hillary and scissors. C’mon man! Do it!

  2. I’d always heard of “strap-ons”…
    …but I *NEVER* thought they meant BOOBS!

    I’m so naive….

  3. Catching a pig and putting it in a barrel? We talked about this yesterday didn’t we? Hmm? All the democrats are protesting about how cruel it is.

  4. BFH, I should have loaned you Eleanor’s saggin-satchels to replace those fine-looking honkers. Much more appropriate, sir. 🙂

  5. “Ta-tas”, “melons”, “fun bags”, “boobies”, “breastesses”, “jumblies”, “twin peaks”… did I win name that boob?

  6. Hey Fur! Was snoopin’ around in some of the lesser parts of the innerwebs yesterday and ran across one of your graphics.

    And guess what?

    Still had your credit at the bottom. And a link back to here.

    Sorry I don’t remember the site but some folks out there are still doin’ the right thing.

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