Incoming NJ Gov Plans to Establish Agency for ‘Defensive Protection’ of Illegals


FOX: Former Ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy took office as New Jersey’s new governor Tuesday, and said he plans to establish a state agency geared toward aiding undocumented immigrants, the Washington Post reported Monday.

Murphy, a Democrat who held the ambassador post under President Barack Obama after several years as a Goldman Sachs executive, said the agency would be called the Office of Immigrant Defensive Protection.

Murphy previously vowed to make New Jersey a sanctuary state if President Donald Trump ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“DREAMers… are every bit as American as my four kids,” he said at a debate with outgoing Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (R) in Newark. Read more


22 Comments on Incoming NJ Gov Plans to Establish Agency for ‘Defensive Protection’ of Illegals

  1. Before long guys like him will be needing some defensive protection. There will come a time when law abiding citizens just won’t take this crap anymore. These public officials are just nuts, nuts I tell ya!

  2. You know what really pisses me off? Half the people who voted for this fucking asshole will be outraged by this stupid shit, but they’ll still retain their utterly mindless hatred of Republicans, conservatives, and sane immigration policy advocates. They’ll keep voting for assholes who think MS-13 is their fucking constituency.

  3. Are there ANY millennial or gen-xers here? If so why isn’t there any “resistance” to this invasion that is endangering your lives and future?
    Everyday I see the young press in this country pushing story after story about poor immigrants while ignoring real crimes committed agains’t Americans.
    Hello! Young people?

  4. TSUNAMI — The only thing in all of this that really matters.

    This is really good news because as it was just explained by judge Napolitano on Varney this morning, these governors, mayors, etc. can be arrested for actively protecting illegal aliens from law enforcement and deportation. That the NJ guv is forming a department to do just that, it will be extremely easy for the DoJ to make its case against him.

  5. The WH press briefing taking place right now by someone from the DoJ is pressing home the factual basis of why we need to get these people that sanctuary city/state officials are protecting. Of the 73% of those arrested/convicted of domestic terror or support of islamists were foreign born, many of them here because of chain migration, and many of them had no legal status here.

  6. Democrat power and control is the only issue that matters to these socialist/progressives.

    Put the illegal immigrants on the government dole and they’ll act just like the blacks did under Johnson.

    Welcome to the democrat plantation, where you vote for benefits, food, health, housing, medical and preferences for yourself at the expense of the nation’s taxpayers.

  7. Anonymous — Your comment reminds me that we have an appalling number of illegals taking up the services of our legal system, from state legislator, beat cop, to Supreme Court and everything in between, including all the welfare costs associated with illegals’ family’s support while they do time.

    Can you imagine if all these people were suddenly gone? It’s mind boggling.

  8. So this guy is just begging to become a martyr for his Cartel donors?

    Good. Make him an example.

    There can be no future for the failed Left in America anymore.

  9. AA I agree 100% but I’m talking about these sanctuary city/state leaders like Brown and this Jersey anti american.

    Round them up!

  10. “DREAMers… are every bit as American as my four kids,”
    So you and your kids were born in a another country?

  11. M-13 thugs…”are every bit as American as my four kids.”
    What an idiot! I hope the DOJ makes an example of him before he settles in in Trenton.

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